Your CEO Day Work Journal

CEO Day Workbook

Every CEO Day starts with a plan. This Work Journal helps you align your priorities to your objectives so your projects are executed with success...all without losing who you are.

Align Your Personal Energy with Your Business Savviness

What metrics are moving your KPI's closer to your targets?

What are your gross and net cost per client?

Is your marketing plan focused on social media posts or engagement?

How are you differentiating? What is your unique qualifier?

What learning is planned to help drive results toward objectives?

What ARE your strategic objectives? 

This Work Journal is not a quickie checklist or a top ten 'tips & tricks' list. It is designed to journey toward success.

Use this book to generate ideas building on the exact strategic elements I dive deep into with each of my clients.

And it's free...


98% of leaders do strategy planning at least once month


But only 68% of leaders believe they are good at it


And only a shocking 2% of leaders believe they will achieve their objectives!

Let's Make Sure You're Part of that 2%!

The Coach to CEO Work Journal is YOURS...