The Power Hour

Get Unstuck

Get Aligned

Get Focused

You Need to Overcome a Stumbling Block...

You know if you could just get over this one hurdle, life would be so much easier.

You're in a group coaching program but your problem needs some one-on-one attention.

You're reading conflicting advice on best practices and you're over it. You want someone to help you with what is best for YOU.

You don't want to pay thousands of dollars for help with one problem.

I've Got a No-Fluff Approach to Get You Unstuck...

We'll tackle that one big, hairy inefficiency that helps other levers in your business fall into place. 

I spend significant time behind the scenes understanding you and your business before we meet for our power hour. You will have my full attention. 

Paid ads are (in)famous for following the one way/create urgency formula. I'm over it too. We need to solve your problem AND make sure it resonates in your mind and heart with peace and fortitude.

Your affordable one-on-one support, affirmation, brainstorming, sanity check, problem-solving session is one phone call away.

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” - Albert Einstein

Everyone Needs An Outside Pair of Eyes

Let me help you gain clarity and take the burden from you. This is what I do and I LOVE it.

Your Power Hour Includes:

An intake guide with Pre-Work. This will trigger the creative process for you and the problem-solving gene for me.

A thirty-minute evaluation of current state.

And a sixty-minute power hour strategy & problem-solving session.

You'll have a written plan that includes ideas from our sessions plus bonus recommendations & tips.

A recording of the call.

A bonus follow up call for accountability.

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The Investment

Danielle Niebrugge

I am transparent about my prices. I hate having to click through a program that sounds perfect for me only to learn it is not in my wheelhouse. Only YOU can decide if this is an expense, or an investment in your business.

If you're still not sure, schedule a call, and let's work out the details.

Your investment is $297 for The Power Hour.

Grab a glass of your favorite vino, saddle up, and let's do this.

From powerful truths I couldn't write down fast enough to inspiring examples offered to trigger ideas, Kass helped me unearth the things that matter most to me so I can make a difference in my business and in those I work with. And she'll do the same for you.

Kari Bartkus, Love Does That

Ditch the Buzzwords is pact full of goodies. In one of the modules, it teaches you the principles of a mission statement. This alone made me really think about what impact I want to make with my business and how I want to do it. 
Taking this course helped me to really reshape my messaging. I would highly recommend any business owner to take this course -  you won't be disappointed. 
Latraila Tolbert, CEO Essential HER Solutions, LLC
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