The CEO Day

Get Energetic

Get Strategic

Get Influential

When you want to move from passion-project business owner to strategic CEO, you need The CEO Day.

You Need a Get it DONE Day...

You have ideas all over the place and struggle to bring life to them. 

You're working bits and pieces of several different projects and you know you need a better plan.

You need someone to come alongside you to get more specific about your niche, set realistic stretch goals for meeting financial targets, and help you identify exactly how you're going to get there.

You need a plan you can model each quarter or planning season.

And I've Got it All Mapped Out for You...

During our CEO Day Session, we'll make sure you've got a strong business foundation, a niche that feels great, and a product or service focus area.

We'll outline the back end of your business to ensure you have a workflow for the activities and tasks that point toward reaching your goals.

I will share my successes, failures, and 26+ years in business with you so you can save time and do what you do best - serving others!

Your Strategic Planning Playbook will guide you on exactly what your top two to three goals and objectives are for creating and sustaining a profitable business.

You see, a CEO Day is not just about "getting it done," it's about getting it going, which respects the execution while embracing the creativity.

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I get to reimagine whether my vision is BIG enough, my mission is BOLD enough and if those clients I serve feel recognized and cherished.

I review inefficiencies, meditate on personal growth, align my energies with my goals, and make changes where necessary.


This is How I Can Help You

Your CEO Day Includes A Mapping of Your Strategic Plan:

We'll perfect your mission statement.

We'll turn your values into a guiding principles manifesto

We'll build a vision that comes straight from your soul

We'll identify your ideal and non-ideal client

We'll set clear boundaries for a work-life energy

We'll identify your top two to three objectives, then structure your goals, so you are set up for success. Then we'll put it all in a plan that's easy to follow, leaves room to explore possibilities, and provides clarity on the work ahead.

Based on your needs, your goals may include two or three of the following:

  • A visibility and social media plan. This is not a cookie-cutter calendar. It's a plan that resonates with your journey.
  • A metric and KPI dashboard. Numbers provide a necessary perspective outside of ourselves
  • An analysis of financial tools and resources - we want to make sure your accounting is in place!
  • A refined client experience - More than gifts, let's talk about what love and respect for our clients looks like.
  • A plan for team growth, hiring, and professional development - What competencies are needed to accomplish your goals and objectives? Do you need to hire?
  • A plan for your personal and professional growth - Balancing your head, heart, and soul.

The Investment

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I am transparent about my prices. I hate having to click through a program that sounds perfect for me only to learn it is not in my wheelhouse. Only YOU can decide if this is an expense or an investment for your business.

If you're still not sure, schedule a call, and let's work out the details.

Your investment is $1497 for The CEO Day.

Grab a glass of your favorite vino, saddle up, and let's do this.

From powerful truths I couldn't write down fast enough to inspiring examples offered to trigger ideas, Kass helped me unearth the things that matter most to me so I can make a difference in my business and in those I work with. And she'll do the same for you.

Kari Bartkus, Love Does That

Kass made me really think about what impact I want to make with my business and how I want to do it. 
It helped me to really reshape my messaging. I would highly recommend (this) to any business owner -  you won't be disappointed. 
Latraila Tolbert, CEO Essential HER Solutions, LLC
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