The Breakthrough

Get Inspired

Get Visionary

Get Scalability

It's my job to help you break through strategic blocks like messy operations, goal misalignment, and process inefficiencies so you can build the kind of legacy that shifts you from task-mastering to a strategic, purpose-driven powerhouse.

You Need a Strategic Partner

You need all the benefits of The CEO Day plus support longer term. You want accountability to keep the plan in motion.

You have shiny object syndrome and chase all the new WoW's (Ways of Working) because someone  with a paid ad said you have to package your services a certain way or risk losing millions of dollars. 

You love the idea of 1:1 support and having someone in your back pocket to call when you have a question or settle in to limiting beliefs.

You have projects and to-do lists a mile long, but nothing connects and you know there is something you're missing to put it all together.

You Need a Breakthrough...

Let's fall in love with your business all over again. We'll build a mission you are completely passionate about and create financial goals that help you feel accomplished. Then, let's create a playbook that illustrates each strategy that will help you reach, and exceed, your goals. 

You're working bits and pieces of several different projects and you know you need a better plan.

You need someone to come alongside you to answer your specific questions about your unique issues. We'll meet over a three-month period to get it going. This will give you the security of working your plan with confidence because I will always be in your corner!  

You need a plan that ties it all together without overloading your mindspace and wreaking havoc on your soul. You need a Breakthrough Playbook.

Your Breakthrough is a synergy of heart, mind, and soul. Ridding yourself of the noise and becoming the CEO you were meant to be is healing.

I work with a coach too.

It's so important to have someone in your corner who gets you. Who knows when you need a shoulder and when you need swift kick.


When we cease to connect and receive, we cease to thrive. Empowered people, empower people...and we need more of each other.

The Breakthrough Coaching Experience Combines Business AND Personal Growth

A Complete Mapping of Your Strategic Plan:

We'll perfect your mission statement.

We'll turn your values into a guiding principles manifesto

We'll build a vision that comes straight from your soul

We'll identify your ideal and non-ideal client

We'll set clear boundaries for a work-life energy

We'll identify your financial goals, set your quarterly objectives, and outline the projects needed to reach your goals.

A visibility and engagement plan.

A meaningful metric and KPI Dashboard.

A refined client experience

And a plan for your personal and professional growth.

PLUS, a Personal Experience

A comprehensive intake so we can hit the ground running

8 weekly and bi-weekly accountability & support sessions

One sync-up meeting with your team

Voxer and email access

Customized workspace

All the freebies, tools, and resources at my disposal


Do you feel a breakthrough coming?

Danielle Niebrugge

Will you allow me the honor of making it easy for you? I can't wait to come alongside you and watch you thrive. Let's schedule some time to get to know each other.

From powerful truths I couldn't write down fast enough to inspiring examples offered to trigger ideas, Kass helped me unearth the things that matter most to me so I can make a difference in my business and in those I work with. And she'll do the same for you.

Kari Bartkus, Love Does That

Ditch the Buzzwords is pact full of goodies. In one of the modules, it teaches you the principles of a mission statement. This alone made me really think about what impact I want to make with my business and how I want to do it. 
Taking this course helped me to really reshape my messaging. I would highly recommend any business owner to take this course -  you won't be disappointed. 
Latraila Tolbert, CEO Essential HER Solutions, LLC

The Investment

It all starts with a quick phone call so we can work out all the details. The investment includes your strategic Breakthrough Playbook and three months of coaching.

There are different levels of service to match both your budget and your needs starting at $4297. We can work out payment plans once we've met and talked through the details.

Grab a glass of your favorite vino, saddle up, and let's do this.

Danielle Niebrugge