Team Strategy Building

The Summit

What is it?

The Summit is the ultimate VIP getaway for you and your team to choose successful outcomes for the quarter, half, or year and then build everything you need to reach those outcomes as an engaged and productive team.

The Summit packs all the benefits of The Retreat in an in-person, intense, and wildly powerful off-site strategy building session for you and up to five members of your team over three full days.

Imagine walking away with a playbook for your planning period that clearly defines your objectives, outlines the projects and plans to meet those objectives, provides the metrics to measure your success, incorporates a visibility plan to strengthen your brand, and wraps it all up with a way to celebrate. We'll also focus on an execution plan, a communication plan, and individual goals.

All this in a retreat-style environment so you return refreshed as well as energized. 


In addition, we'll spend time evaluating team dynamics and how to harness the strengths of each team member. The summit is an incredible journey for your business and your team.

PLUS, as the CEO, you'll get four weeks of follow up accountability to ensure your execution and implementation are on track.

Strategic Off Site
Strategic Offsite Meeting

Who is it For?

The summit is for YOU and up to five members of your team who commit to fully engaging in the process.

It is for CEO's who not only want to engage their team in the strategic planning process but also want to understand and utilize their team's strengths for the ultimate implementation experience.

Whether your team members are new or have long-term influence with your company, coming together will improve productivity and the quality of creative engagement.


What Will I Get From The Summit?

You'll get clarity around what you need to do to generate more revenue, reduce or eliminate efficiencies, and improve your profitability.

We will explore the possibilities then narrow them down into major objectives. We'll pick apart those objectives and create measurable goals, decide on project outlines, discuss capacity planning, set success measures, and tie it all to your visibility, finances, personal and professional development for you and your team, and much more.

During The Summit, you'll also go through the Kolbe-A Assessment and spend a half day discussing strengths and how to implement them into your new strategic plan.

Of course, all this comes with 4 weeks of post-summit support where you get one on one time with Kass once each week.

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What is the Investment?

Whether you want the down and dirty basics or a more spa-like experience, I can build a package around your needs and budget.

This two and a half day experience begins at $5,447

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