Business Retreat

The Retreat

What is it?

The Retreat is for the CEO Plus One. It's a CEO Day on adrenaline.

Over two and half days, we press pause on the pressures of meetings, distractions and social media to give you the freedom and space to work on your business strategy. The Retreat packs all the benefits of The Retainer in an in-person, intense, and wildly powerful off-site strategy building session over two and a half days in a retreat

Imagine walking away with a quarterly playbook that clearly defines your objectives, outlines the projects and plans to meet those objectives, provides the metrics to measure your success, incorporates a visibility plan to strengthen your brand, and wraps it all up with a way to celebrate.

All this in a retreat-style environment so you return refreshed as well as energized. 


Especially in the remote work society we're in, meetings in person have never been more important (following all the rules & mandates, of course!). When you meet in person:

  • You build trust
  • You build confidence
  • You're more creative as a team
  • You're better equipped to brainstorm, problem solve, and make decisions
  • You build loyalty to each other and to the brand.
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Who is it For?

The Retreat is for you, the CEO of your awesome business and your right hand person. Your Number 1. Your Chief X Officer.

It's for the CEO with a small team who has one key individual they trust with helping them develop the strategy in their business.

It's also for the Solopreneur. Together we'll make a BIG difference in your business.

What Will You Get From Your Retreat?

Clarity around your top problems, inefficiencies, and waste

A visibility and social media plan

A metric and KPI dashboard

An analysis of financial tools and resources

A refined client experience

A plan for team growth, hiring, and professional development

A plan for your personal and professional growth

An execution, integration, and communication plan that puts it all together.

Long-Term Strategy Planning Session

All the freebies, tools, and resources at my disposal

4 weekly meetings for accountability, support, and encouragement - at least four hours of additional support

Voxer Access

A Trello Board to share with your team

Similar to a virtual CEO Day + Retainer, you will get a complete mapping of your organization's operations. We'll perfect your mission statement, zero in on your ideal client, turn your values into a guiding principle manifesto, set your boundaries and map your quarterly strategic plan.

You'll choose the outcomes you desire for your business and we'll build strategy and projects around those outcomes.

PLUS, In addition to our two and a half days together, we'll outline some long-term strategies, put an implementation, integration, and communication plan in place AND give you four weeks of accountability follow up.

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What is the Investment?

There are a lot of elements that will go into the pricing: location, meal selection, and your desired level of experience. Some clients want the down and dirty basics with simple meals and others desire a more spa-like experience. We can build a package around your needs and budget.

This two and a half day experience begins at $3,947

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