Power Hour Coaching

The Power Hour

What is it?

90 Minutes of strategy with Kass that includes a pre-work Q & A, a thirty minute evaluation of your current state, and a sixty minute follow up strategy session that includes the coaching and consulting you need to get rid of that Big Hairy Inefficiency and move on to increasing profits.

There are only two Power Hours offered each month, so be sure and grab yours today!

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Who is it For?

The Power Hour is for Career, Executive, Leadership & Life (CELL) coaches who feel stuck in one area of their business. They know that if they could just figure out the ONE thing, they could move forward. They are working hard in their business but want guidance and direction on a few next steps.

What Will You Get from Power Hour Coaching with Kass?

You'll walk away with a written plan with CLEAR and actionable steps to take in your business.

  • You'll gain clarity around the inefficiency draining you the most
  • Your plan will include suggestions for execution and communication to your team
  • You'll walk away with ideas for content strategy
  • Ways to tackle mindsets that are limiting your growth

You'll receive a recording of our call and a written battle plan with customized steps you can take so you can confidently take charge in your business.

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What is the Investment?

It all starts with a quick phone call so we can lock in all the details,


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