The CEO Day Intensive

What is it?

A CEO Day intensive is six hours of deeply diving into your business operations. Our main goals are to identify your top three strategic objectives, then outline the activities, projects, learnings, professional development, tools, and tasks you need to help you meet (and exceed!) those objectives. Finally, we'll develop the workflows, processes and metrics to bring it all together.

Everyone learns and processes information differently. Schedules also have to be much more flexible than ever. Your CEO Day Intensive can be scheduled in one, six-hour increment OR be split split increments of two or three hours.

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Who is it For?

The CEO Day is for you - you're making money each month, but know your business is ready for systematic planning. You're ready to let the plan guide your work and shift your mindset from hustler to CEO.

You respect how important it is to have those tools, processes, and systems in place and want to partner with someone who lives, breathes, and bleeds strategy, planning, and systemizing.

You know your business best and want an accountability partner as you move through your next strategy.

What Will I Get During My CEO Day Intensive with Kass?

A complete mapping of your organization's operations. We'll perfect your mission statement, zero in on your ideal client, turn your values into a guiding principle manifesto, set your boundaries and map your quarterly strategic plan.

Your Written Strategic Plan Will Include:

Clarity around your top problems, inefficiencies, and waste

A visibility and social media plan

A metric and KPI dashboard

An analysis of financial tools and resources

A refined client experience 

A plan for team growth, hiring, and professional development

A plan for your personal and professional growth

All the freebies, tools, and resources at my disposal

CEO Day Strategic Planning
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What is the Investment?

It all starts with a quick phone call so we can work out all the details.

There are different levels of service to match both your budget and your needs.

Grab a glass of your favorite vino, saddle up, and let's do this.

I'm Ready to Talk Details!