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Whether you need an encouraging word, a keynote speaker for a company event, or need leadership training on-site, I have, or can custom build to your needs. Let's talk about what is best for your business right now.

For Women's Retreats...

A Little Bit of Jesus. A Little Bit of Trouble.


A blessing is not just what happens when the person in front of you in the drive-thru pays for your skinny mocha latte.  A blessing is having our hearts filled with the grace and mercy of God through Jesus.

Friendship With a Purpose

There is so much more to friendship than a token call or meet up. Friendship with depth starts with a Godly perspective.

Women measure friendship with a worldly measuring stick. And it's time we changed that.

Journaling Through Difficult Times

The Holy Bible provides us with all we need to take captive our thoughts, defend against the enemy, love, walk in wisdom, make heavenly decisions and so much more. This workshop will introduce you to  bible study, prayer and journaling techniques as you navigate the scriptures in times of trial and tribulation.

For Businesses...

Meetings Made Easy

Perfect for a lunch and learn or short workshop, learn meeting techniques to keep grounded on what's important.

Building Strong Business Foundations

We soar past the who, what, and why and create mission statements that move your employees into action. We create vision statements so big, you may not recognize yourself! And we turn your value statements into guiding principles that lead you and your team in all you do. Make the most of your time and talents with this foundational workshop.

Available in half or full days. Combine with CEO or Executive Leadership Days and make it a retreat!

CEO and Executive Leadership Strategy Days

I work with small business owners to create short and long-term strategic plans. If you're fighting fires, not sure how to grow in a healthy way, or want to build a long-term plan for hiring in your industry, I can help! Whether we focus on retention, generating revenue, or reducing inefficiencies, I can help. I can work with the CEO or the leadership team and can be available remotely in half days or on-site in full days.

Combine with Business Foundations and make it a retreat!

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Client Love!

Kass was a great addition to our Women’s Retreat that was held at our church. Her message and sessions tied into our event’s theme perfectly. Kass truly cares about creating the best experience for your group.

~ Ashley, Conference Manager

Honest but very encouraging. Kass shared her experiences and was willing to answer hard questions too. Overall this was time well spent. I would love to hear her speak again.

~ Sandy, Workshop Participant

Stretching her wings and walking in faith and service, Kass spoke to our ladies group a few months ago. She followed the nudge of the spirit and spoke on the topic of friendship. She spoke candidly of regrets of times that she felt she had not sufficiently fulfilled her role as a friend. She spoke of times when it was difficult to know what to do as a friend; when sorrow and grief were involved. Her words were based on faith of knowing that the Spirit will lead us in the moment and sometimes just our presence would suffice and communicate the support needed. Shortly after her visit our ladies group was faced with a tragic loss of a son of one of our members. Kass' direction came to us as we were faced with the need to communicate our support and love in this time of tragedy. Through her faith, she became the conduit through which God shared his love and met needs. She was a blessing!

~ Rhonda, Retreat Organizer

It's hard to impress a room full of executives, but Kass engaged the audience with her confidence and knowledge of the topic. The workshop was interactive, informative and each participant walked away with fresh ideas and a renewed vigor for growing their business.


~ Ali, Executive Roundtable Organizer

Women empowering other women is such an important ideal and hearing Friendship With a Purpose is exactly what we needed. Sharing her personal story, Kass led us through heartache to find a deeper purpose in all of our connections.


~Susan, Women's Retreat Coordinator

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