Southern Illinois Small Businesses are Important to Me

South-Central Illinois is an amazing place to do small business. I want to help keep it that way.

Whether you run a coffee shop, art gallery, manufacturing company, winery, or other small business, I'm here to help you create, grow, and give back to the communities we love.

You Need a Strategic Partner if...

It's been way too long (if ever!) since you've created a mission statement, clearly communicated your vision for the company, and experienced your employees living out your values each day.

You don't have a one year plan, long-term plan, and quarterly plans to get reach your short and long-term goals.

You're not sure if you have the right people in the right places. OR if they have the skills and resources they need to help the company succeed.

You don't have the processes and systems in place to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Here's How We Can Make a Difference Together:

Building Strong Business Foundations

We soar past the who, what, and why and create mission statements that move your employees into action. We create vision statements so big, that you may not recognize yourself! And we turn your value statements into guiding principles that lead you and your team in all you do. Make the most of your time and talents with this foundational half-day session.

Combine with CEO or Executive Leadership Days and make it a retreat!

CEO and Executive Leadership Strategy Days

I work with small business owners to create short and long-term strategic plans. If you're fighting fires, not sure how to grow in a healthy way, or want to build a long-term plan for hiring in your industry, I can help! Whether we focus on retention, generating revenue, or reducing inefficiencies, I can help. I can work with the CEO or the leadership team and can be available remotely in half days or on-site in full days.

Combine with Business Foundations and make it a retreat!

Need a Speaker?

Whether you need an encouraging word, a keynote speaker for a company event, or leadership training on-site, let's talk about what is best for your business right now.

Danielle Niebrugge

Hi, I'm Kass

I've been speaking on stage since I was in fifth grade when I wrote an address to the principal on the state of cafeteria food. Instead of getting in trouble, she let me read my letter at a school assembly.

I was hooked.

It's been such a blessing to serve businesses, churches, youth groups, women's retreats, writers conferences, and so many more audiences, sharing encouraging messages and leading through change.

With twenty-six years in business operations and human resources, I've got plenty of stories and learnings to share and I can't wait to share them with you.

From powerful truths I couldn't write down fast enough to inspiring examples offered to trigger ideas, Kass helped me unearth the things that matter most to me so I can make a difference in my business and in those I work with. And she'll do the same for you.

Kari Bartkus, Love Does That

Ditch the Buzzwords is pact full of goodies. In one of the modules, it teaches you the principles of a mission statement. This alone made me really think about what impact I want to make with my business and how I want to do it. 
Taking this course helped me to really reshape my messaging. I would highly recommend any business owner to take this course -  you won't be disappointed. 
Latraila Tolbert, CEO Essential HER Solutions, LLC

Want to brainstorm a topic for your event? Let's talk.

Feeling confused, overwhelmed, and need a break from all the firefighting? I'm ready to help. Let's start with a phone call.