15 What is Strategic Planning?

What is Strategic Planning? Episode 15

What is strategic planning and why do we do it? It’s more than simply organizing your chaos. Listen to this episode so you can determine if you need strategic planning in your business and get a sneak peek into my planning process.

When I don’t set aside time to be strategic in my business, I rush to get out content, my schedule is more hectic, and I feel like I’m battling a never ending list of tasks. Have you ever been caught up in the hectic?

In this episode, I talk about KPIs, Financial Review and Product Development. (my favorite!) Next week, we’ll focus on three more elements of my process.

And you won’t want to miss last week’s episode on Mission, Vision, and Values. Without them, your strategic planning will only go so far. Check that episode out here: EPISODE 14

I’m getting ready to launch my new mini-course: Ditch the Buzzwords: Craft Foundational Mission, Vision, and Values that Transform Your Business.  Find out more about the program and join the waitlist now for a sweet discount.

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Find Show Notes Here: https://kassfogle.com/episode15/

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