One to One Coaching & Consulting

CEO Days & Accountability Partnerships are How I Make an Impact

I love helping Career, Executive, Leadership, and Life (CELL) coaches find and eliminate inefficiencies in their business through powerful CEO Days and intensive strategy sessions.

Coaching executives is no joke.  

You're under a lot of pressure to overdeliver on your high-ticket coaching services to savvy, successful, and ambitious executive clients.

And you bring your expertise to your clients each and every moment, which means your focus is often NOT on transformation and innovation in your own business.

Business Coach with Powerful CEO Day

And you know you need more than checklists, freebies, and quickie courses. You need clear direction from a partner who will challenge your limiting mindset, encourage growth of your expertise, and give you a methodical framework to eliminate the inefficiences and increase your profits.   



I'm a Director of Operations with twenty-five years in Human Resources and Operations Leadership who can't wait to hear your story.

I'm a good listener, but as personality and leadership tests reveal time and time again, my primary strength is taking large amounts of detail, processing it, and drawing conclusions that get things done.

Helping you achieve success and thrive in your business by mitigating or eliminating inefficiencies is my goal and I believe we'll get there by:

Super Close

Identifying what's broken, missing, or confusing in your business (Your Big, Hairy, Inefficiencies).

Creating a detailed plan to help mitigate or reduce those inefficiencies.

Setting foundational strategies in place for:

  • Product and Service Creation
  • Client Experience
  • Personal Growth
  • Team Growth and Scaling
  • Operations, Procedures, & Workflows
  • Visibility & Marketing

Crafting guiding principles that light the path to your mission and vision

Getting super clear on your ideal client and your less than ideal client

Developing an operational strategy that brings it all together.

I See You. And I'm Here to Help:

The CEO Day Intensive

A complete mapping of your organization's operations. We'll perfect your mission statement, zero in on your ideal client, turn your values into a guiding principle manifesto, set your boundaries and map your quarterly strategic plan.

Kass with Wine

Hi, I'm Kass

I've spent 25 years in Human Resources and Business Operations. Streamlining processes has been my zone of success from manufacturing to banking to health care.

And I'm bringing the proven tools and resources that work in the corporate environment and incorporating them into the online coaching community.

You don't have to struggle with operational, administrative, and project management in your business because I love this stuff and I can't wait to show you what streamlining can do for you.

Let's see if we're a good fit.

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