Partnering with coaches and

service providers on the business of coaching

From Coach to CEO in one, powerful CEO Day Intensive...

Together we eliminate inefficiencies by streamlining your business operations so you can reduce stress, increase profits, and reach your vision.

Powerful Impact with a CEO Day

Partnering with Coaches and Service Providers on the Business of Coaching

From Coach to CEO in one, powerful CEO Day Intensive...

Together we eliminate inefficiencies by streamlining your business operations so you can reduce stress, increase profits, and reach your vision.

This Free Workbook Will Get You Started

Want a peek inside the CEO Day Intensive? This fillable workbook gives you the inside scoop into kickstarting a successful CEO Day. Take time to focus on your business so there's plenty of time to enjoy serving their business.

What is the Focus of a CEO Day Intensive?

During your CEO Day Intensive, we will:

  • Build a solid foundation through transformational Mission, Vision, and Value Statements.
  • Create bold financial goals, and ensure you have the tools in place to measure them.
  • Identify your top 3 objectives.
  • Build an accountability and strategic plan around those objectives to ensure you thrive.

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Together, we'll build a solid foundation with a focused mission statement and a vision so big you won't recognize yourself. We'll focus on defining your ideal client and your less than ideal client, turn your values into guiding principles, and set boundaries that prevent overwhelm. Building a solid foundation also ensures you have the compliant financial tools and principles in place.


You are 65% more likely to reach your goals when you have an accountability partner like me to help you build and execute on your plans. During your accountability time, we'll review personal growth, time management, and Leadership capabilities. Your CEO Day Intensive comes with two weeks of follow up support. We all process information differently. I want to ensure have time to ask questions once you've had the opportunity to wrap your head around all the goodness. We can always decide to add 1:1 time when it's right for you.


Developing strategy in your business is my favorite step in the FAST Track process. I LOVE this stuff and I can't wait to show you what you can do in your business when we set aside time to dig deeply into your operational and financial objectives, create or polish sustainable services, improve your client experience, and review your branding & marketing plans. We'll choose your top three objectives, then create detailed plans to help you get there. This is the heart of your CEO Day Intensive.


Once we've celebrated your strategic success, we build opportunities to thrive so you enjoy a period of steadiness. We work on CEO mindset, visibility & social media experience, and discussing your goals for team growth and scaling.

Apply For YOUR CEO Day Intensive Today

Is a CEO Day Intensive Right for You?

Do You Have:

About two or more years leading your business?

A creative and visionary mind that excites and even intimidates you?

A team of five or fewer and the desire to hire your first or next hire in the next twelve months?

An open heart and mind ready to embrace a CEO Mindset?

The commitment to invest in the growth of your business?


But You're Feeling:

Like you're checking boxes more than planning and implementing strategy.

Like a mouse in a maze. You know your prize is out there, but you need a plan and accountability to get there.

Anxious, because you know there are important things not getting done. You want to focus on the being and have someone else execute the doing.

The First Step to Profitability

What would your business look like if: had a solid niche and a mission and vision pulled from your very soul? could strategically plan your entire quarter or year in a few hours AND have the accountability you need to blow your goals away?

...your visibility plan strategically connected your ideal client to your mission, and strategic objectives? had a clear client services plan that sets you apart from your competitors while building client loyalty? had a hiring plan that brought you expert employees and contractors that connect passionately with your mission, vision, and values?

You don't have to wonder. Tell me what's on your mind and let's explore the possibilities.

You Do NOT Have to Go It Alone

I get it...

Focusing on the operations and strategic focus takes serious compartmentalization

And you could do it alone - You've got the fortitude.  You've got the vim & vigor...but you'd rather have someone else walk you through the details.

Wouldn't it be great if:

You had business accountability partner who challenged you to think transformationally?
That accountability partner organized your strategic planning on a quarterly or bi-annual basis?
You could set aside time for personal and professional growth or even *gasp* a day off?
Your workflows, bookkeeping, customer experiences, finances, metrics, services, visibility & marketing, and your processes & systems all aligned to each other and to your mission and values?
You could begin right now?

I'm Kass Fogle. Let me help you explore the way.

Natalie G

-Natalie Gingrich

Kass is equal parts strategic and perceptive.

She has the ability to see my situation, my surroundings, my reality and create a recommendation that moves me towards my vision. She brings ease to complex (to me) business decisions. I’m grateful for her partnership, leadership, and integrity. I eagerly share her with business friends.

Any business looking for direction and organization, def contact Kass Fogle

Kass helped me with organizing my thoughts to be put on paper, then applying them. She is experienced, motivated, and easy to work with. Thanks, Vim & Vigor and Kass for helping me where I needed it most!


-TJ Hodges