54 Game Changing Resources

Game Changing Resources

My quarterly Game Changing Resources are my most popular episodes each quarter and I know this episode will be no different.

  • Use a super-quick tool to learn your decision making style because the more self-awareness you have, the more confident you become!
  • Make a word cloud in 60 seconds
  • Test the mobile optimization of your site and install this plug in to drastically change loading speed.
  • Research Google trends with ease

What is your decision making style?

I am a systematic, internal decision maker. No surprises there. It basically means that I internalize problems and work them out on my own based on a systematic approach.

The more we know about ourselves and the more self-aware we are, the more we can cater our responses, be intentional in our behaviors with others and be at ease with who we are.

On the flip side, not experiencing that kind of self-awareness can contribute to us always feeling on the defensive, in victim mode, or constantly attacked.

Building confidence is always a good thing because when we’re confident, we evoke confidence in others as well.

Take this simple and quick quiz to discover your decision making style sponsored by Kent University.

Discover Your Decision Making Style | Kent State University


How to Make Word Clouds

Who doesn’t love a good word cloud? They quickly convey a visual message which drums up emotion as well as convey a theme or point very clearly.

Their fun, easy and FREE!


I took one of my blogs, copied and pasted it in to a text box, then clicked a button. Poof! I had a word cloud.

From there I can get fancy pants and choose my shape, change the weighting of each word so the words I wanted highlighted were bigger and bolder, AND I could customize the colors.

You can also choose to type in a list of words and import a list from Excel, as well as pasting them into the text box. When you’re done, it’s as easy as a download. You can even choose your file type.

And it was completely free. If you’d like to see an example, head on over to the show notes on my website and vimandvigor.biz/episode54.

Google Gold

I’ve got three gems to share with you to help you improve your google scores so you show up better when they’re creeping the web looking for YOUR pages.

Mobile Optimization

Want to test the mobile optimization of your website? Go to g.co/testmysite

Click on that link, enter your domain name, click the arrow, then sit back and wait for the goodness.

Improving Google Searches

Want to improve your performance in Google Searches? Search Console contains tools, video trainings, and reports help you measure your site’s Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site shine in Google Search results.

You can see which queries bring users to your site. Analyze your site’s impressions, clicks, and position on Google Search.

Finally, you can better understand how Google Search sees your pages.

Learn how to optimize your Google search appearance by watching the trainings they provide that walk you through exactly what you need. Get started by visiting g.co/searchconsole

Polishing your Trending Keyword Searches

Want to know what’s trending? Go to g.co/trends.

So part of my quarterly review is to look at what keywords I’ll be using when posting blogs, writing newsletters, and posting on social media. I use these keywords and compare them in Google Trends.

For example, I typed in Mission Statement. It’s part of my Foundational Coaching so it’s usually one of my key words. Google Trends lets me know that along with Mission Statement, people connected it to “Society,” “Behavior,” and “Decision Making.”

Now, from there, I clicked on Decision Making as it most closely relates to my niche. That yielded me the top searches of Efficiency, Reasoning, Production, Opportunity Costs, and Manufacturing. Related queries to Decision Making led to “ck3 decisions,” Wheel of Decision, and Internal Factors of Decision Making,  This helps me come up with Podcast topics, freebies, and further study so I can bring my clients what they need.


According to their description, NitroPack is the all-in-one performance optimization service. It combines everything you need for a lightning-fast website. Image optimization, code minification, caching, CDN, lazy loading – you name it, NitroPack has it. NitroPack performs all optimizations in the cloud.

I loaded it and my mobile site speed score went from 57 to 73 and my desktop went from 79 to 99 in just a few minutes. Now that’s awesome. My site now takes .6 seconds to load.

On your wordpress site, search for NitroPack and activate. Now go to their website nitropack.io and fill in the required information. You will be able to automatically connect.

It does take a while, depending on how many pages you have. I have four published, public pages and it only took a few minutes.

Want links to other Game Changing Resources?

Episode 28  – Learn how to completely transform your images with this free tool, grab awesome Linked In tips, Sales tips, learn about one of my favorite books you can read in a weekend, and get life organized with a Family Command Center.

Episode 40 – Grab another great sales tip, find out how to get a completely free and comprehensive website audit, learn how to create great headlines, and try this transcription service for a very low price.

That’s it for this quarter. If you have a tool or resource that has helped YOU reach your goals and it’s free or very low cost, send it to me at info@vimandvigor.biz with your name and business and it might just make a future episode.

That’s it for this quarter. I’ve hired a branding strategist that is helping me wrap all my ideas into one beautiful and unique brand. I am so excited about it…our fifteen minute discovery call lasted an hour because we clicked so well and our ideas just bounced back and forth in rapid succession.

What we accomplished in one hour of simple conversation was amazing to me – I can’t wait to see what’s in store when we buckle down and get laser focused.

Hey, until next time, I’m here for you!

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