51 Want to Simplify How You Track and Analyze Your Profits? Interview with Kelsy Schmidt

In this week’s episode, I talk with Kelsy Schmidt, KPI Strategist at kpistrategist.com about how you can create a meaningful metric dashboard that financially guides the way you make decisions for your business.

It’s all a part of your CEO Day. Before I can figure out what to do with my services, what I’m going to charge, what I’m going to post or podcast about, I review my dashboard so I can see what’s worked and what’s not worked. 

BUT, I am not a numbers gal AT ALL so it’s important that I have people like Kelsy in my life.  I purchased her DOWNLOAD AND DONE, a brand new dashboard product designed to put all the meaningful metrics in one place. She gave the listeners and readers of THE ONE BURNING QUESTION a coupon code so you get $10 off the purchase price. That code is FALL10OFF

Kelsy shares three ways your metrics dashboard saves you money:

  • Helps identify Big Hairy Inefficiencies
  • Helps you avoid heading down the marketing and shiny object rabbit hole
  • Helps you create offers that MAKE SENSE

Want to know more? Check out Kelsy’s Metrics PRO Methodology for collecting, studying and applying metrics and KPIs so we can make super smart decisions that increase our revenue and our profits.

Want more information about a CEO Day Intensive so we can map out the strategy you need bring your metrics to life? Find more information:

About Working with Kass

About the CEO Day Intensive

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