50 How Can Businesses Thrive During Chaos and Uncertainty with Micala Quinn

Micala QuinnTimes are changing, uncertain, and downright HARD. It’s hard to be under constant scrutiny and have each word analyzed and put under a microscope. Businesses, marriages, family dynamics – all of it under the strain and weight of a new era.

My guest this week talks about the tremendous pressure we all feel raising children (even if they’re grown!!), running a business, and trying to stay sane during 2021.

Here is the introduction to Micala Quinn and be sure and list to this episode for her full story!

So, I have been lucky enough to continue working through COVID-19 as an essential worker. Its hard to explain to my coworkers but I don’t like to mix my personal space with my professional corporate space. I’m totally fine when it’s my own business, but bringing work home with me always feels like an invasion of my privacy.

I never quite have all the right stuff and half the time and I’m not nearly as productive. Luckily, my husband is an essential worker as well and the one kid left in my house was also an essential worker. We didn’t have to wrestle with homeschooling our kids while learning to live 24/7 with our spouses. Life was blessedly normal for our family.

I have so much stinking respect for those of you who have had to make some major adjustments to your family, your eating habits, your study habits, worship habits and so much more. The distractions you faced while trying to raise little ones is unimaginable to me.

One mom who’s faced this is Micala Quinn, CEO of Micala Quinn.com and host of the Live Free podcast. Over the last two and a half years, she has developed a reputation for being the go-to person for teaching moms step-by-step how to build a profitable freelancing business from scratch.

She’s a Kansas City mom, wife, former teacher, and current CEO solving the modern working mom dilemma.

To date, more than 1,500 women across the country & world have enrolled in Overwhelmed to Overbooked. When Micala is not leading the charge to provide women with the freedom to work and mother, you can catch her walking to the park with her kiddos, making cookies, or watching a rerun of Friends for the millionth time with her husband.

Welcome, Micala to the One Burning Question Podcast! Thank you so much for being a guest!


Be sure and visit Micala on her website – for those who want more time, more money and more choices!

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