49 I’m Ready to Hire, Now What?

Hiring and OnboardingIf you want to know more about the right time to hire, go all the way back to episode 4. There, you’ll find the six questions you need to ask yourself to determine if YOU are ready to hire.

In this episode, we’re talking about what steps you need to take once you’ve decided you need to hire your first or next hire.

Maybe you start out with a VA – a virtual assistant – or maybe you think the best place to start is a copy writer.

Like me, some of you might be thinking, I’m going to start out with the business basics – a professional website designer, a branding specialist, or even yours truly – a operations specialist.

And still others have a team of one or two and you’re trying to decide which role that third employee will serve your business best.

Which ever direction you think you need to go in first, I hope you find some elements to take with you to make your first, or next great hire.

First Up: You Are Systemized

This is where a Trello board is going to come in handy. Everything you have scattered in different places – including your head – needs to get on paper.

This means that everything from your bookkeeping software to your image creation tool and everything in between, needs a link, the log in information, and the Standard Operating Procedure to go along with it.

Even the most keen of Virtual Assistants cannot guess at how you manage your podcast episodes or understand your client experience workflows unless they are written down.

Please don’t assume that you can hand over your username and password to WordPress and your Libsyn account and expect they will simply “figure it out.” Your SOP needs to outline whether you blog or simply put in summary notes, what your featured image should look like, the time you post the podcast and so on.

The more clear your SOP, the more likely you are to have your expectations met.

The more processes you have covered, the more likely you are to onboard your employee in record time.

Speaking of Onboarding

I always coach my clients to gather their onboarding plan before they start writing that job posting (or hiring me to do it). Outlining what someone needs to learn about your company, about working with you and other members of your team, and about the role can be very telling when it comes time to complete the ideal candidate profile.

To create the onboarding plan, take a look at what outcomes you want from this role. How will hiring this person affect your metrics. You’ll want to show, during onboarding how what they do meaningfully contributes to your bottom line. This creates engagement and excitement in your new hire which sometimes spreads to your entire team as well.

Are YOU the right person to onboard? Don’t put all the pressure of onboarding on yourself. You’ve hired experts to care for aspects of your business – utilize them! Consider using: your bookkeeper, your website designer, using links to you tube videos, and other members of your team.

There’s other aspects to onboarding I’d love to tell you about. Give me a call and we’ll walk through how close you are to taking that step to hire your first or next employee!


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