48 Are You Ready to Thrive in Your Business?

You’ve got your foundation, you’re accountability structure is in place, you’ve nailed the strategy, now it’s time to enjoy the Thrive. This is it – the last week of your introduction to the F.A.S.T. Track Program! I’m so very glad you’re here! Let’s talk Time Management and Motivation.

Thriving is about being able to set cruise control before you’re ready to grow, shift, pivot, or adjust once again. Your work-flows are automatic, your mindset is sharp, your metrics are trending up, and profits are going into your pocket. Yay! That’s exactly what we’ve been working so hard towards!

Now, let’s reap the rewards of all that hard work and watch our companies thrive.


Time ManagementLet’s Start with Time Management

During the Thrive stage of your business, you’re going to work at a different pace. You’ll want to manage your time a bit differently.

The first step to better time management is to stop saying you’re busy. Everyone’s busy. Everyone’s story and perspective and background is different and we were born of and into different generations. We learned different ways to cope, organize, deal, and react to our environment. My story is not yours and yours not hers.

And I think that’s beautiful. Because that’s where we can fill in the gaps for each other and protect what is sacred to ourselves and others, even though it is different. So, let’s stop putting a crown on busy and recognize that everyone’s time is individual and completely relative.

Your time now is not what your time was during the launch of your new product or service.

Second, understand your screen time.

Did you know that on your iphone, you can swipe all the way left, then scroll down toward the bottom, and boom – you can view your screen time?

It will show you total time, apps most used, app you visit the most when you first pick up your phone, and the number of notifications you receive.

Understanding this screen time can help you understand your distraction triggers and reduce or eliminate them from your day. Before you do this, try and guess – how much of your screen time is work and how much of it is recreation, and how much of it was distraction? Okay, now go look. How close were you?

Did you spend more time or less time in distraction?

When I looked at my own, I found I’m pretty steady overall from week to week but I’m spending way too much time in an app that is NOT bringing me revenue and I’ve already made a note of it in my next quarter’s strategic planning review.

The Third Thing You Can Do to Review Time Management Is To Do A Time Study

I know, I know, this is like 1980’s super basic, but I’m surprised every time and what is revealed each time I do one. I never regret doing a time study.

You can get super basic or you can get crazy analytical by recording the time of day you are most productive, color coding your priorities, understanding what days of the week you are most available and then understanding how to put it all together.

That’s how my brain works every minute of the day, so that kind of mapping is easy and productive for me. I do that in my head and then once I’m done with my work on Saturdays, I outline how many minutes that task will take me.

Of course, then I realize that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew so I have to scale back a bit, but once I’ve done that, I can then look at my calendar for the week and add the tasks needed to the days that best work for my schedule.

May I recommend a book? It’s called Take Back Your Time by Morgan Tyree (not an affiliate link). This book helps you “identify your most productive times each day, regulate between essentials and nonessentials, set achievable goals that align with your values,” all while welcoming the season of life you’re in. Her website as well is full of information, blogs, and resources to keep your business, life, and home organized.

Speaking of Schedule, the last tip for time management is to get a planner. I love the Clever Fox Pro planner. (NOT an affiliate link). As described above, I use this as a visual for my entire week, highlighting my weekly goal, tracking some habits I’m forming and other things. It’s a beautiful planner and you’re going to absolutely love how easily it fits in your budget!

Moving on from Time Management into Motivation

Your business journey will be full of hills and valleys. May I suggest that you take proactive measures to help you during the valleys.

Put your values in front of you. Print them out, make a coloring page out of them, build a word cloud, include them in your vision board, but get them in front of you. Following your values will help prevent issues you need to work through mentally and emotionally later.

Build affirmations. Not gonna lie, I struggled with this one. As a person of faith, affirmations felt like relying on my own strength rather than God’s, and it’s very important to me that I not confuse or forget where my source of strength comes from.

But there’s nothing wrong with saying my goals out loud, reading aloud expectations for my outcomes or reviewing my value statements daily.

Doing so helps me to respond to those tricky situations that pop up, prevents me from posting an emotional response to a comment, or feeling down in the dumps because a discovery call didn’t go the way I’d planned.

Whatever your perspective or point of view of affirmations, and whether you come at it from a place of faith or not, it’s a good exercise for your mindset and your faith to evaluate them and make the best decision for you.

That’s it for this week and for the FAST Track Series! I’m so thankful to have you here and sharing your limited time and resources here with me.

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Until next week, when we dive into the topic of hiring, I’m here for you.

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