46 What Can Accountability Do For My Business?

What can accountability do for your business?

It softens your bruised ego, helps you fight overwhelm, and feeds you a dose of humility. Accountability can come from yourself, your biz community, or your 1:1 coach. Read on or listen to this episode of THE ONE BURNING QUESTION.

AccountabilityRemember the quote from last week – “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

How often have you held yourself accountable to a wish? To be accountable, you have to have a goal. To set goals, you have to have an overarching playbook that sets the direction for your organization. THAT’s where your Foundation comes in and we talked about it last week in episode 45.

So, now that you’ve built out that mission statement, you’ve careful crafted your values, your vision is so big it’s blowing your mind away, and your financial goals are in place, you can move toward setting accountability in place.

And if you don’t have those in place, I’d love to work with you. Visit my website and vimandbigor.biz to get started.

I outline accountability in three different ways with my clients: Self-Accountability, Community Accountability, and 1:1 Accountability.


First, let’s talk about Self-Accountability

It’s easy to get stuck in our business. We ALL get stuck. I’ve been stuck a hundred times and each time I resort to self-soothing (chocolate, wine, boxing, spin biking, yoga) before I can take a moment to start being accountable. But after our tantrum (please tell me I’m not the only one), self-accountability must emerge, and often-times should take place before reaching out for community accountability.

I mean, how often have you seen questions asked in a Facebook group that could have been answered with a quick online search?


Before posing questions to the group, or even asking your coach, make sure you have ask yourself a few questions:

  • Have I taken the time to review my notes?
  • Did I search for at least three keywords in the group search box?
  • Did I do an internet search for at least three keywords surrounding my issue?
  • Have I given myself enough time to work through the problem?
  • Have I clearly defined the problem?
  • Have I done a 5-Why to get to the root of the problem?
  • Have I slept on it?

How about this? Have you ever posted a short-story length query with tons of backstory and a huge request for solving their problem?

If so, you may want to consider some one-on-one coaching. Be self-aware enough to understand you are in over your head or stuck in a major way. When you must post that much explanation to your problem, you likely need help identifying the root cause of your problem or a more customized solution, than some posts can provide.

Recognizing when you need one-to-one coaching and then finding the right coach is a highly self-actualized activity and the mark of a CEO.

Another Piece of Self-Accountability is Goal Setting

Before we crumble in frustration, wondering if people are seeing our posts, wondering if we have helped a single soul and wondering why our hundreds of hours of work have not resulted in revenue, there are a few questions we should ask ourselves:

  • Does all the work I’m doing point back to a goal, an objective, and my mission?
  • Am I working on the same priority for the quarter or am I trying to put all things out all the time?
  • When I wrote my goal, did I determine what success would look like?
  • Did I even write a goal?

Now it’s time for a little Self-Reflection

I spend a little more time on this during my THRIVE coaching, but it also goes a long way toward self-accountability.

  • Do you set aside time each week to be grateful? Do you send thank you notes, make phone calls or send a quick text?
  • Have you reflected on what went right, what went wrong and what you need to do differently, not do at all or do better?
  • When is the last time you’ve taken a long solo walk (thirty+ minutes) at least thirty minutes away?
  • When is the last time you did something for someone with the true desire to help without expecting a single thing in return?
  • What do you love about yourself?

Now let’s move on to Community Accountability

I’m an introvert and sometimes the thought of community scares me off. If I’m honest, it terrifies me.

I’d rather ask one or two people I know with the expertise to dig deep with me into a problem than toss the question in a group of thousands. Or even dozens.

But guess where I found my experts? In a Facebook Group. I only belong to a few groups, but there are four or so that I am in consistently, seeing where I can answer a question, reach out for advice or laugh along with someone. It’s those four groups of the remaining that I am comfortable posting my question (after I’ve been resourceful of course) and getting honest feedback. It’s from those four groups that I’ve pulled into my ‘biz bestie’ circle.

But, I strongly believe that community accountability circles the wagons around problems and issues that the individual has attacked themselves first and that is where Self-Accountability comes in. Where do you find you hang out the most?

Finally, let’s talk Coaching Accountability

That’s me! I’m coaching accountability!

No matter what stage entrepreneurs are in, there’s always room for growth, potential, learning, and a little butt kicking.

A coach that you resonate with will be able to help pull you from the muck, give you a hose and a rag to clean yourself off with, then will wash your clothes while you find your new outfit.

Throughout my journey, there were so many times I needed just ONE person to send a quick message to for a quick answer so I could move along with the work I was doing.

Because I worked during the day, I had so little time to work on my business and I needed the answer quickly because my time was so allotted that NOT having the answer put me behind.

A year and a half ago, I had the opportunity to get a coach for $1500 (for 12 weeks) and I passed. I passed because I didn’t understand the difference between spending money and investing in my business. I passed because I didn’t have a goal or a strategic plan (at the time) and wasn’t clear on my mission.

And I never saw quality coaching at that price point again.

Had I taken her up at the time on her offer I would have saved hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on other programs, courses, and webinars.

And you want to know what? A year later, I hired her. And I’m so glad I did.

As your accountability coach, you will have the individual coaching as well as some business consulting for the well-rounded accountability to meet your goals.

We start off with the CEO Day Intensive, and I know you won’t find a better time than this to get started.

Thank you for joining me on this episode. I’m so glad you’re here. I invite you to check out the new website to learn all about what a CEO Day Intensive will look like and what it can do for your business. Together we can eliminate inefficiencies by streamlining your business operations so you can reduce stress, increase profits, and reach your vision. Stop by vimandvigor.biz to get started.

Until next time, I’m Kass Fogle and I’m here for you.



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