45 Can a Solid Foundation Really Help My Business?

Do you believe that a solid mission statement, a bold vision, and clearly stated values will help transform your business?


I do. And I hope to convince you of that today.

Before you get too far into this blog, say your mission statement out loud.

Can you do that? Does it flow off the tongue so it spins off like rolled ice cream?

Does it describe exactly who you are, what you do, who you do it for and how you do it? Does your tag line help you communicate that?

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What about your vision statement? Do you know what your why is? Does it touch on all things mindfulness? Does your vision go beyond spending time with family, traveling, and financial security? Because there are a lot of ways to do that that don’t involve entrepreneurship.

What about your values? Can you list those? I don’t mean give me a general idea like you’re trustworthy and client focused. I’m talking about specific values that hit you in the core of who you are and cast no doubt as to what it’s like to work with you.

Sometimes we have to go back to the basics and build this strong foundation before we can move forward. It’s part of the FAST Track Coaching and Consulting I provide and the focus for today’s episode: How Can I Build a Strong Foundation?

The FAST in Fast Track stands for Foundation, Accountability, Strategy, and Thriving and it’s how I work with coaches as well as HR professionals.

I provide strategic planning consulting through CEO Days and Strategic Off-Sites and this is comes first. If my client is solid on these foundational elements, we get to head straight into strategy planning, but if not, we work diligently to get these into place first. They are more than the foundation. They are the cornerstone to your business.

I’m sure you’ve heard:

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Strategic PlanningI believe this in my core. I’m just not much for winging it. I’m an operational consultant helping small business coaches build strategic plans and quarterly objectives, so I wouldn’t be much of an operations consultant if winging it was my strategic game plan.

When our foundation is faltering – when we can’t rely on the most basic of business practices, like building out our mission, vision, and values, we can easily find ourselves in a place to:

  • Make costly financial decisions,
  • Increase our limiting beliefs, and
  • Compound our capacity issues.

Without a mission, we follow 100 different influencers, all with the latest and greatest “6- or 7- figure solution,” and quickly find ourselves buying every $47 course that leads to a $10,000 coaching session. And while we’ve obtained some great information, we still don’t have what we need right now to be more visible, more profitable, and less stressed.

Without a mission, we click the “pay now” button, purchasing every tool someone recommended from their affiliate list, only to find out it really doesn’t meet all of our needs.

Without values, we take on clients we shouldn’t, miss out on clients we’re not reaching, respond to trolls in a way that doesn’t reflect our best selves, and we exceed boundaries that lead to relationship and potentially, health issues.

And certainly without a vision, we could easily crumble under pressure, give in to less than our best, give in to the temptation to quit, and worst of all, be our own limiting barrier to success.

So let’s dive in to these just a bit.

Create a Solid Mission Statement

When it comes to setting your mission, it is a simple equation:

Who you are, what you do, who you do it for and how you do it.

Easy, but boring.

In my One to One Strategy Sessions, I teach the following principles:

Turn your “Who you are,” into “what problem do you solve,” and add, “how do you connect emotionally?”

Convert your “what you do,” into “what solutions do you offer,” adding your unique, cherry solution.

And finally, we take the “who you do it for,” to connect what your ideal audience has in common with an emotional connection that resonates with them.

When we put it all together, we have a mission statement that sets you apart from your competition, provides a solid foundation for your strategic planning, gives you ammo for your social media platform, not to mention the confidence you need when working with clients.

The Second Part of Your Business Foundation is Your Vision

The simplest exercise to building a vision is the Family Test.

Think about visiting your family in five years. Aunt Susie asks how your business is going and what are you able to do now that you couldn’t do when you were working at X,Y,Z job. How will you answer? What answer do you want to be able to give more than anything? That’s a great start to building your vision.

Still need help narrowing it down? Ask yourself this question: If I had to give up everything but the three most important things in my life, what would they be?

These become part of your vision.

Your vision is your why. It’s what keeps you going when you want to quit. I’ve been there. More than once.

When your co-workers look at you sideways, or your outcomes do not match your effort and you’re once again staring at a blank screen, or you’re sitting at your desk after being ghosted, yet again, your vision will keep you going.

This is why vision boards are so powerful. But they need to be visible to do their job. Write it down. Find pictures – get creative. Do what ever you need to do – just don’t skip this important step.

The Third Part of Building a Strong Foundation is Setting Your Values

Your values help describe the expectations for yourself, your team and your clients.

For example, in the 9 to 5 world, there’s an expectation to work through lunch and to work a minimum of ten hours.

Back to back meetings, often times all day long, are the norm. Your actual work should be done before and after hours or maybe in the evenings or weekends.

It’s now a trend (at least in the summer of 2021) for kids to show their dads working and checking email on vacation as part of the “dad vacation vibe.”

Luckily, as we decide to become entrepreneurs and run our own business, we get 100% say in how we operate, and that includes the values we put out there.

And it’s so easy to think to yourself, “I already know what I value, I don’t have to write it down.”

Stop right there, the truth is, as the CEO or leader in your business, you can’t just skip right to the TO DO’s, can you? It’s imperative that you understand the why so you can get the most out of your TO DO and cascade that important message to your staff, clients and customers.

Putting this in writing will help you separate what’s important from a true value.

Think of values this way: If your mission is your path, and your vision is the motivation to walk the path, then your values are what light your journey along the way. Without your values in place, the path is never quite as clear.

Creating a strong value set takes practice. We all want to write down things like honesty and integrity. And those are great values to add, but I kind of think those are the basics, right? I challenge you to go a bit deeper. What does it mean for YOU to be honest in your business? Define it, create scenarios, describe what you won’t do.

What will you absolutely NOT compromise on and what will you give grace for every time? For each value you write down, write the opposite of what you will not do.

Think about creating a manifesto. What will you share with clients and what will you publish only for yourself? I have a set of values that I use for making decisions in my business and I have a client value set that I share with my clients.

Want me to take a look at your mission statement, your vision or your set of values? Tag me on social media and I’ll take a look.

Creating a strong foundation is what I help you do during your CEO Day. In fact, my clients can’t move forward, until we build this powerful foundation. I am opening up two spots for a CEO Day and two spots for a retreat for the remainder of the year.

If building or rebuilding a strong foundation for your business is where you need to get started, schedule a discovery call today so we can get started. I don’t want you to miss out on these openings. I hope to talk to you soon!

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