43 Distractions That Alert You to Inefficiencies That Cost You Money

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Below is the outline and notes from the podcast. You can listen to that here:

What Distractions Cause Inefficiencies that Drain YOUR Profits?

Today is all about distractions – those pesky items in our lives that take us from what matters. From Big Hairy Inefficiencies to small details, distractions are a signal that something needs attention in our life.

I knew I needed to take stock of what was going on in my life when I went to the ATM to get my weekly cash…and drove off with it hanging out of the machine.

I mean, the only reason to go to the ATM is to GET CASH. And I left it there.

This and several other things happened as well over the span of a couple of days that made me stop and take notice of what was going on in my life.

Scope Creep

Scope creep happens to all of us. It happens to me every weekend when I clean my house.

I know this happens to you too: My special project is to clean out the junk drawers. Which led to the medicine cabinet which led to organizing recipes.

The same happens in business. Because we want to over deliver and add value, we add another service or learn another software or say yes to things outside our service levels. And this leads to overwhelm.

So let’s talk about a two ways you might run in to Scope Creep and what you can do to avoid or rectify this.

First, scope creep can happen when we don’t work inside our boundaries.

  • Work outside our normal hours
  • Schedule a service outside of hours
  • We schedule client work during our CEO time.
  • We sacrifice sleep or a workout to finish a project.

These things happen because we don’t set boundaries. Check in with yourself right now – how do you schedule tasks? How do you make sure you have the capacity to perform and work on the things that will earn you money?

I mentioned in this episode that I learned a ton about Scope Creep from friend and mentor, Natalie Gingrich. If you want to learn more about it, start here.

Scope Creep can also happen when you don’t set up your Ideal Client.

You waste time and energy on a client base that doesn’t get you and that you don’t get.

You won’t have the right resources they need and will spend tons of time sourcing it.

Setting your boundaries and helping you identify your ideal client are two ways I work with clients so be sure and sign up for a discovery call if you would like help with that!

The Second Distraction Is My Emails

About two weeks ago, as part of my monthly CEO Business Day, I scoured all my email subscriptions to see which ones I was keeping and which I was hanging on to.

I approached this spring cleaning like I do the clothes in my closet at the end of each season.

“But I might need it one day.”

What if I lose 30 pounds this summer, I might fit in this amazing dress!”

“What if my husband wins the lottery the one time a year he plays, and we have to zoom off to Italy?”

“What if I decide to never dress up again and actually start wearing all the free t-shirts I’ve accumulated over my lifetime?”

Yep, emails & old clothes – too many similarities to count!

But when I approached my email list from the perspective of my strategic plan, I was able to clean house. Take a look:

  • What information do I need right now to help achieve my goals and meet my objectives?
  • What style and content aligns with my values?
  • Which influencers will pour life into my professional growth?
  • Who do I want to think about building a partnership & referral base with so I can enhance my client’s experiences?
  • Who’s platform can I show up on to help increase my visibility?

When I applied these markers to whether I kept or unsubscribed from an email list, I cut my list by more than half!

  1. I cut emails that dropped the “F” bomb incessantly (Not because I’m a prude, but I need professionals in my life who are more creative than that),
  2. Emails that arrived every day (outside a welcome series – I can’t keep up – even if it’s great content), and
  3. Email lists with content that didn’t serve the work I’m doing now or in the next quarter.

And this got me thinking, why do you open emails? Will you do me a favor, email me and tell me what you get the most out of emails? Whether it’s mine or someone else’s, think of the last three to five emails you actually engaged with. What was in the content of those emails? Were they podcast links? Free templates? Affiliate links? Referrals to other resources? A funny or endearing story?

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