42 Have You Made Important Shifts This Year?

Are you thinking about pivoting in your business?Have you made important pivots and shifts in your business this year? I have, and while so much has changed, many things have remained the same.

I’ve had to pivot and turn, race and pace, & pray and act to land where I can serve coaches with exactly what THEY need using the skills and abilities I most possess.

This also gives me the powerful ability to make referrals to other professionals who have a different specialist skillset and serve a similar audience.

Empowered professionals empower professionals. Join me for this episode to learn what’s changed and what will stay the same and learn about the new services offered here at Vim & Vigor Business Operations Consulting.

I consider my pivots a success.  Do you want to know why?

Because even though I have pivoted my how, I have NOT pivoted my what or why.

Though my mission has been molded and squeezed and loved, three things remained the same:

My “What” is the Same

I want to help female business owners build a strategic plan. But you know what I learned? That phrase meant nothing to many CEOs in the online space. The more conversations I had, the more I learned they thought strategic planning was all about budgeting and social media. And while those are elements of a strategic plan, that is not strategic planning.

Strategic planning is all about alignment. As CEO’s we have to be decisive and put actual vim and vigor behind the belief that our Mission is an important one – not just to our business but to those who need our services. And we must defend our values with fortitude because the decisions that come down the road will test us.

My Values are the Same

Since July of 2020 when I started Vim and Vigor – YES, we are one year old, my value set has remained the same. The attributes that I value in myself and others are:

    • Accountability
      • Clear and concise communication
      • Foundational beliefs
      • Service-oriented
      • Honesty and Integrity
      • Emotional Intelligence

The Consultant/Client Value Set:
Mutual Respect – for resources, experience, and abilities.
Driven by Confidence – Plans for positive outcomes, and meets feedback with a teachable spirit
Committed to the Work – from start to finish, is invested in a holistic process.

And I don’t anticipate those changing any time soon. Those values have kept me grounded on social media, with every ghosting discovery call, and in my day to day work.

My Vision is the Same

The vision for my company is be full time by 2025 and be able to donate 10% of all my profits to charities I’m passionate about.

The vision for my clients is to help them reach their vision.

My personal vision hasn’t changed either. I’d like to visit the countries of my ancestors and buy my husband his dream car.

What that means for Vim & Vigor now and in the future is a change in service levels.

First Up We Have The Power Hour

The Power Hour is a Customized evaluation of one Big Hairy Inefficiency followed by a power hour of face to face consulting and coaching so you can focus on the mission of your business.

90 Minutes of strategy with me that includes a pre-work Q & A, a thirty minute evaluation of your current state, and a sixty minute follow up strategy session that includes the coaching and consulting you need to get rid of that Big Hairy Inefficiency and move on to increasing profits.

The Power Hour is for CEOs who feel stuck in one area of their business. You know that if you could just figure out the ONE thing, you could move forward. You’re working hard in your business but want guidance and direction on a few next steps. If you want to find out more about that, visit http://kassfogle.com/thepowerhour/

Next We Have The CEO Day

This is my most popular package!  It’s a complete mapping of your organization’s operations. We’ll perfect your mission statement, zero in on your ideal client, turn your values into a guiding principle manifesto, set your boundaries and map your quarterly strategic plan.

A CEO Day is a block of time where we dive deeply into the operations of your business. Our main goal is to ensure you have all the tools, processes, and systems in place to garner as much efficiency in your business as possible. We’ll check your workflows, pricing, hiring strategies, marketing plans, service offerings, client experience and so much more.

Everyone learns and processes information differently so your CEO Day can be a one day intensive OR split into other increments.


The CEO Day is for you – you’re making money each month, but know you need to systemize and automate so you can turn your attention and energy to your clients. You respect how important it is to have those tools, processes, and systems in place and want to partner with someone who lives, breathes, and bleeds strategy, planning, and systemizing.

You know your business best and want an accountability partner as you move through your next strategy.

These days are gold and you can find out even more about it at http://kassfogle.com/theceoday/

The Retainer

This includes a CEO Day package plus an intense evaluation of the top inefficiencies blocking your profit potential. We’ll create a comprehensive battle plan to mitigate or reduce those inefficiencies. We’ll also set up your strategic plan, set goals, & create success markers. And, we’ll set up four weeks of coaching and accountability to ensure you feel confident in your new direction.

You get everything in the CEO Day PLUS four weeks of follow up meetings, Voxer Access, and support.

Our main goal is to ensure you have all the tools, processes, and systems in place to garner as much efficiency in your business as possible. We’ll check your workflows, pricing, hiring strategies, marketing plans, service offerings, client experience and so much more.

PLUS, we’ll build the framework for a project plan to help you execute on your strategic plan.

The Retainer Model is for the CEO who wants all of the benefits of the CEO Day and wants to continue the partnership for additional support and accountability to not only reach their goals, but blow them out of the water.

CEO’s with an accountability partner who helps them build the plan AND set up their execution plan are 65% more likely to reach their goals. If you’d like to learn more about what you get with this retainer plan, visit http://kassfogle.com/theretainer/


I have two more service levels at the VIP level called The Retreat and The Summit and are off-site, in person. The Retreat packs all the benefits of The CEO Day in an in-person, intense, and wildly powerful off-site strategy building session for you or you plus your top executive. You’ll walk away with a long-term plan for success, a strategic plan, an execution plan to ensure successful implementation, and a renewed energy to bring it all together.

The Summit is similar to the Retreat except you can invite up to five members of your team and it begins with an evaluation of team dynamics and how to harness the strengths of each team member.

I’m incredibly proud of my new services and can’t wait to talk to you more about them.

I’m so glad you’re here with me. Drop me a line and let me know you’re here – I’d love to hear about how you have pivoted in this past year. You can email me at info@vimandvigor.biz

Until next time, I’m here for you!

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