41 Is Entrepreneurial Freedom a Myth?

Is Entrepreneurial Freedom a Myth?

Read more to discover how I’ve found entrepreneurial freedom in my business despite the blood, sweat and tears.



What Entrepreneurial Freedoms are YOU Thankful for?Is freedom in entrepreneurship just a myth? Because I have to tell you, owning my own business is HARD.

And it requires sacrifice on my part and my family’s part. Every day.

But I guess it depends on how you define freedom.

This fourth of July, I want to say thank you to all our brothers and sisters who have fought and sacrificed and to those who’ve paid the ultimate price for their service. On this day in 1776 when we declared our independence, we became traitors and vowed to protect and serve our land as our own. We’re so young, we Americans and yet so driven, loyal, and strong.

I’m proud to say I’m an American because I know, despite how crazy we might think we are right now, the rest of the world has seen this for centuries. I know how strong we are and who ever you are, from one shining sea to another, from the mountains to the prairies, I hope you hear me when I say you matter. You are loved. You are strong. And I believe in you. Stay on the up side of things and look for the good in absolutely everyone.

And to my international listeners, I hope I get to hear from you someday – I know your history and viewpoints bring a wildly different perspective – and I want you to know how much I respect that. Thank you for being here.

So let’s talk entrepreneurship.

According to Forbes, we need to prepare ourselves for 50% of the workforce becoming an entrepreneurial workforce in the next few years.

That’s a lot of competition, but it’s also a tremendous amount of opportunity. Of that 50%, over half of those will be in the online space. With so much new coming into “our space,” we now become the experts, the influencers, and the go-to for leading how to manage work, life, love, fun, finances, life and so much more.

Gone are the days of Do It This Way and Get Rich Now. Instead, we can nurture, mentor, and prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs for the blood, sweat, and tears that come with starting your own business.

How will you prepare for the flood?

We all hear others talk about how if they just implemented a strategy, they’d work fewer hours. This is absolutely true in most cases, but what we don’t see is the years of hard work, 60+ hours a week, failure and sacrifice that goes into it. The Freedom of entrepreneurship doesn’t always come until we’ve reached a certain level of income. And even then, most of us don’t ride the wave of steady income for long – we become hungry for more – to influence more, implement a higher level program or take on more clients because we have a new level of goals we want to complete.

BUT, even though we may not feel a sense of freedom in entrepreneurship with our time and money as we are in start up or growth mode, there are still areas were entrepreneurship provides freedom that the corporate space just can’t provide.

First, There’s Entrepreneurial Freedom in Setting Boundaries

Regardless of whether you set hard-core boundaries or remain super flexible, one thing is certain – YOU get to decide and there is a ton of freedom in that.

  • You can reset your mindset each day
  • You get to change your mind
  • Geographical Boundaries are limitless!
  • Your workday. How many of us escaped the 9-5 but keep ‘office hours of 9-5?
  • In relationship – you cannot be illegally exclusive, but you can narrow down who your clients will and will not be.

Secondly, You Get the Honesty of a Comedian with Yourself

No one will be more honest with you than you. You know in your GUT what to do and not do and what is failing and what is successful. No one will be more honest with you than YOU.

You can once again pursue your passion (I wanted to help people, fight for the underdog).  I always thought I wanted to end up in social work, but starting a fire at a home for developmentally disabled adults and a midnight internship at a detox center changed that very quickly.

And every time a program or course flopped, I KNEW it ahead of time but failed to put my stubbornness aside. Listen to your own advice and enjoy the freedom that being your own boss brings!

Third, You Get Freedom of Network

You don’t get to give up when something is hard, but you can choose how tight your inner circle is.

You can choose who influences you and who does not.

Mature entrepreneurs are not lured by every flash-bang YOU MUST DO THIS OR STOP DOING THIS RIGHT NOW approach to business.

When you’re the CEO, you get to decide what tools and resources are available to you. Gone are the days of waiting for approvals for capital so you can enter the current century for technology.

At my last company, they were still doing crystal reporting. Now we have drag and drop features for easy reporting.

YOU know your business best and can choose those you influence and those you let influence you. Who is going to help you reach your goals? Who is going to pour life into you? Who can you pour life into?

Finally, You Control the Outcomes

  • This is your business and you get to decide what your revenue goals look like each month and how fast you want to grow or how much you want to pivot.
  • YOU have complete freedom to decide how what metrics to set and how to measure them and when they need to be accomplished.
  • Your vision is as big or small as you want to make it – and it can change
    • I’ve loved most of the corporate entities I’ve worked for, however, all my effort and energy went into helping the owners and shareholders of the company realize their visions. And while I enjoyed the fruits of my labors, I was not making my dreams come true.


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