40 Game Changing Resources for Your Coaching Business

Get the Tips, Tools, & Resources you need  for your coaching business. This is not a list of my affiliate links. This is a list of the cool stuff I came across in the last quarter. Whether it’s software, a book, a new podcast or something else and I want to share it with you so you can think about applying it in your business.

blue notebook and pen with text: My Best Tips, Tools & ResourcesSales Maven Helps Give You Perspective

I think I learned this on an episode of her podcast, Sales Maven and it’s the concept of Mine/Yours/Theirs perspective.

It’s a technique we use in Human Resources as well as in sales. It’s so simple but so effective. Describe as much detail – tell as much of the story as you can from your own perspective, from the perspective of your clients and from the perspective of those on the outside looking in.

Consider a client that is being very difficult. Perhaps they are contacting you all hours of the week, or not paying, or not doing the work, then complaining they are not getting anywhere. Whatever difficulties you face, start gathering the facts so you can tell an accurate story.

What is your perspective? What are the facts? What emotions are you feeling and why? What are you losing, what’s changed, what is not working? What is within your control to change?

Now do the same for them. Look back at your intake or first meeting notes, what were things you noticed back then? Are they struggling personally with anything? Did they convey confusion about one of your boundaries? Have they asked the same question in your sessions? What are they doing instead of the work? Get to the bottom and create a factual story and compare it to your story.

Finally, take a step back. What would your peer coaches say? What would they notice about the relationship between the two people (you and your client) Put yourself in the shoes of your peers and gather the facts that tell the story.

Now you can make changes to your approach, your mindset, and your outcome goals based on a refreshed perspective. After all, as the coaches, the onus is on us, to identify the road bumps and shift accordingly to make a better path for our clients.

Clapping Dog Media

I cannot brag on this enough. This is one of the best free tools and resources I’ve seen in a long while. It’s a website audit and all you have to do is plug in your website and your email address and you get a detailed report on your website performance.

It’s a legitimate site that will not spam you or steal your backlinks. I’ve used this tool on more than one occasion and I learned about it through a reputable source and saw her as a guest in one of my masterminds. It’s the real deal and it’s free.

When you receive your report you’ll get an overall letter grade and then a letter grade based on each section: Your SEO, your links, the usability, your performance and your social score.

I got an A+ on SEO (yay!) but got an F on my back links. Ouch!

The report lets me know how fast my page is loading, whether it looks good from a mobile device and a lot of other elements I didn’t even know I needed!

At the end of the report, it provides you with a To-Do list that you can get started on right away to improve your score.

Visit clappingdogmedia.com to start your audit.


Headline Studio from Co-Scheduler

It even has an extension so when I’m putting in my podcast title, it will rate if for me

One of the reasons I love this tool is because it will not just compare how powerful and emotional your keywords are, it analyzes the headline according to SERPs – or Search Engine Results Pages.

And it is important to see how your page may rank against those SERPS because the experts are noticing the winds of change coming out of Google away from a simple key word optimization and heading toward behavior optimization.

I’ve been starting some research on SEO optimization because one of the inefficiencies I talked about in my latest episode is watching someone publish brilliant content that no one will find and as their business coach, I want to help them.

While you won’t want to completely ignore keyword searches, I want you to consider looking at the behaviors of your audience and then explore their journey from there.

For example, in your coaching business, you will search for problems and issues your clients are having then choose 3-5 keywords to use that best describe those. Then, you’ll take a look at your services to decide which ones best offer a solution and again do the 3-5 keyword search.

That’s good and we should continue to do that, but I want you to start thinking about your one solution and the many arms that a potential client might take to get there. Let’s say you are a health coach and you’re noticing your clients are struggling with mindless eating. How does a potential client get from their struggle to you?

Maybe they ate an entire can of cashews while sitting on a conference call while working from home. That scenario alone produces several stories you can tell…working from home, binge eating, sitting for too long, computer fatigue, etc.

Finding your clients by telling these stories will have just as great an impact on clients finding you as your keyword search. Google knows so much about your client that they can connect people who binge eat snacks while on Zoom Calls with people who searched for Health Coaches. So if you are a Health Coach who blogs about binge eating snacks while on Zoom Calls, you’ve just increased your chances that Google will make the connection for you.

Now more than ever, so that Google can make that awesome connection, it’s important that your home page, above the fold, and in your home page meta description, clearly describe your mission statement: who you are, what you uniquely do, and who you do it for.

And that is why I love the Headline Studio from Co-Scheduler. It tells you where your title ranks with current Search Engine Results Pages.

Now, that was one scenario. Can you imagine the stories you can create when you think of five scenarios? That’s a month’s worth of content for thirty minutes of work.

So start telling amazing stories that encompass your potential client’s entire journey!


Another cool tool my coach passed along to me is temi.com. It is a transcription software that makes transcribing your podcasts efficient and inexpensive.

It’s only $.25 a minute. That’s incredible to me! Outline your podcasts, speak conversationally, then transcribe for your show notes.

This was about six clicks to do once I got on the website. You click a button to upload your mp3 four or five questions about sound quality , enter your email and voila!

For my podcasts that are around 15 to 20 minutes, I’m going to pay like $5.  I don’t know about you but my time is definitely worth $5.

Have you downloaded your free copy of the CEO Day Planning Workbook yet? This workbook is designed to set your quarterly strategic planning up for success. It walks you through important operations like your Team Growth & Scaling.

It is the process I go through when I strategically plan each quarter and I’m sharing with you for free. Visit my website at vimandvigor.biz/ceoday to grab your free copy today.


So those are my favorite tools, lessons, and resources from this past quarter. If one of them sparked a bit of creativity in you for your planning, I hope you will let me know in the blog comments, on social media or by sending me an email.

I’d love your review where YOU listen to podcasts. Send me a screen shot or tag me on social media so I can be sure and give a shout out to you too.

Thanks for listening to (and reading!) The One Burning Question and until next time, I’m here for you!

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