37 What Habits Do Effective CEO’s Have in Common?

I’ve scoured hundreds of social media posts, online articles and podcast episodes to bring you the 5 most common habits of successful CEO’s.

5 Habits of Successful CEOsHopefully you’ve caught my latest episode on claiming a powerful CEO mindset because if you struggle with the idea of calling yourself a CEO in your business, simply because you’re not some multi-zillionaire mogul, then I invite you to go back and check out that episode.

In today’s episode I’m sharing five habits all CEO’s have in common. At least according to all the reading and listening I’ve been doing on Pinterest, on Linked In and in Clubhouse.

They Learn 

Whether they listen to podcasts, read books, scour business journals, or pursue formal education, one thing is for sure, they never stop learning.

The most influential book for you is the one that will trigger action for something you desire change in right now. For example, I’m soaking up everything strategic planning because that is my pursuit for my clients. So I’m less likely to read a book focusing only on financials.

We’re also much more successful when we set aside time to learn.

  • Time blocking
  • Carrying the book with you
  • Ensuring your podcasts are downloaded
  • Using Voxer to take notes

They Treat Their Body as a Temple

Not in a gross and egotistical way, but in like the Biblical sense

  • Food as fuel
  • Sleep, they work hard to get to at least 6 hours each night, and strive for 8 on the weekends
  • Exercise – not about body image as it is overall health. From swimming, to yoga, to running to spinning, CEO’s found at least thirty minutes in their day to perform exercise of some kind.
  • Not talking about taking the stairs. Put your tennis shoes on and get your body moving.
  • They let their body’s relax – watch moves, or cook a gourmet meal with their spouse, walk trails and take ten minute power naps (TRY THIS).

They Care for Their Soul

  • Some prayed, some meditated, some performed community service work each week.
  • Try journaling, reading an inspirational book, listening to calming and inspirational music, meditating, writing and saying affirmations, practicing breathing techniques
  • Coloring, crafts, trades, and hobbies that people loved
  • Most surprising is that 4 hours (usually on a Sunday) was set aside for zero work.

They have Powerful Friends

  • Values
  • Builds a network
  • Mastermind

Saying Thank You is a Powerful Habit

  • We talked about the Gratitude Journal
  • Thank you is not just for special occasions. I’m bad at this!
  • I read one article where like 70% of employees would give up their raise for a kinder boss.
  • Saying thank you followed by the specific reason while making eye contact


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What other habits do you think CEO’s share in the online space? Let me know on social media.

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