36 Are You Embracing a Powerful CEO Mindset?

It’s time to embrace a powerful CEO Mindset.


Sometimes, when we’re not in our brightest moments, we’re thinking, “Aren’t CEO titles reserved for leaders of multi-billion dollar companies? Am I really a CEO?”

The answer is a resounding yes, you ARE a CEO. But more importantly, ask yourself wouldn’t you be a CEO of your business?

It’s true that a corporate CEO can look and feel much different than an online CEO. And while some may define a CEO by the number of C-Suite professionals they have reporting to them or a board of directors they report to, A CEO is also defined as the highest-ranking member of their organization.

There are also some very legal conditions to consider and I recommend that you speak to an accountant or lawyer to ensure your company is set up correctly and to avoid any tax or legal issues.

And even though we are constantly upping our game when it comes to our own skill building, and elevating the integrity and substance of our companies, we can still suffer from an imposter mindset that we are “just” business owners and NOT CEO’s.

Well, today, I’m going to break you of that and give you six questions to ask yourself to boost your confidence in thinking like a CEO.

We may not be international moguls, but we are making a difference in people and in our local, regional, national, and multi-national communities.

Female CEO on phoneI want your mindset, at the beginning of each day, to be “I’m the CEO of my business.” As a matter of fact, it should be one of the affirmations you repeat often. Listen, imposter syndrome belongs to imposters. YOU are NOT an imposter!

So, let’s get started. Here are the six questions I want you to ask yourself to validate that you ARE thinking like a CEO

1)    Do I See Failure Differently?

Why didn’t that work and how can I do it differently vs. I knew that wouldn’t work, I guess we just move on to the other thing.

The difference is “why didn’t that work” helps you pause, evaluate, change and move on whereas the self-deflating talk keeps you bogged down in a toxic mindset that CEOs just don’t have.

2)     Do I Let Go of What’s Not Working?

Email lists you no longer need, regret over one of the failures we just talked about, but especially of toxic people

My personal example – I let go of someone someone everyone loved. She even offered to help me, but her “help” was full of shaming my work and a disregard for who I am. And when she posted a stream of the same toxicity and shame-blaming posts in Facebook group post, I quickly unfriended her. Bless and Release!

3)    Am I Decisive?

Ever heard, don’t let perfect stand in the way of good? From Confucius to Shakespeare, there have been many lessons based on this same principle and it means that we never move forward until we’ve reached perfection.

Once I was soooo close to launch a course, it was so much fun and I was incredibly excited about it. But there was just a little something missing and I couldn’t put my finger on it. So instead of launching it and learning and moving on, I waited. I researched and I waiting. And you want to know what happened?

Algorithms, that’s what happened.

Folks, we all know that Facebook and Google know what we’re doing – this is not shock. I can really work for us but sometimes, if we’re not paying attention, it can work against us and this happened to me.

It knew I was researching for course audits, course improvements, course content, adult learning principles and the like so it started feeding me ads on all things course related.

So I fell for it. I clicked on a one-week challenge that sucked up an hour of my day for a week and yielded me NOTHING. They did not deliver on their forty bonuses and it was just a mess.

In the end, I didn’t launch my course and it’s still sitting out there in my cloud. I have great plans for it, but I can’t help but wondering what improvements I would make for what I have planned if I would have just launched at the time. Learn from my failure…and make a decision to NOT wait on perfection.

It’s good to think critically and create battle plans based on anticipating challenges – that’s not perfection planning. Perfection planning means we never launch, call, click submit or whatever until we feel 100% that we have zero chance of failure. In other words, you’ll never launch, call or submit anything.

And this kind of perfection planning atrophies our ability to think on our feet.

I hope you know that all the planning you put into your business to become the expert, makes you MORE than qualified to think on your feet. We don’t have to be perfect to be decisive.

So, get the expertise and make a decision. Let your heart pound for sec, then click.

4)    Next, Ask Yourself – Do I Have a Growth Mindset?

Don’t roll your eyes, I know you’ve heard this a hundred times.

All this means is that you get so mired in exactly who you should be and what your business should be, that you forget, new opportunities abound for you! I don’t want you to ignore your niche, your mission, or your strategy – It’s my whole platform after all, but don’t continue to lose money because you aren’t making necessary shifts in your business.

Take BUBBLE WRAP – it was originally designed to be textured wallpaper, failed, then was marketed as greenhouse insulation, which failed so when IBM started marketing a newfangled thing called a variable word computing system, the bubble wrap team quickly came to the rescue as a way to protect the delicate technologies. Had they given up or given in to their fixed mindset, we’d all still be padding our shipped gifts with butcher paper.

5)    Next, ask yourself if You Focus on Value

This is a quick one. Consider moving away from time-based pay systems to value-based. Include the time it takes to develop or execute, but add elements of value, energy, materials, inventory, and more into your pricing and not just consider a dollar per hour.

I can think of two services I recently purchased that I would have paid A LOT more for and honestly what I paid a lot for, I probably value at about half the cost.

If you would like help with a pricing strategy, and I would love to help you see the value you are adding so if you have questions about pricing, then a power hour would be perfect for you. I encourage you to schedule that now by visiting vimandvigor.biz/onetoone

6)    And Finally, to Understand if you Embrace a CEO Mindset, ask Yourself if You Have a Strategy

People without a Strategic Mindset will try to reach anybody so they spend money on everybody, yet reach nobody because they never took the time to reach their somebody.

People with a strategic mindset have a clearly defined mission, a vision for where they want their business to go, they understand their niche, and they have that ideal somebody defined.

With that, they are able to focus quarterly or maybe twice a year, on their quarterly objectives. They can spend that CEO Day planning out how they want to spend their time. They tell their time where to go rather than chasing tasks and to-do’s.

That’s why I put together my CEO Day Framework which is a comprehensive workbook designed at helping your perform your quarterly strategic planning.

It’s a great tool that will trigger tons of creativity and challenge your thinking in some of your operational areas.

It’s fillable and it’s free so grab your copy at vimandvigor.biz/ceoday


Know what else is free? A discovery call. Let’s talk today about how we can get you embrace a powerful CEO Mindset

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