34 What is a CEO Day?

34 What is a CEO Day?


This week’s One Burning Question is: What is a CEO Day?

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A CEO Day is a day you set aside to work on YOUR business. A “day” may be a bit of a misnomer however, as some CEO’s take four hours, and some take four days to conduct strategic planning in their businesses.

Today, I want to give you a bit of insight into how I conduct the prep work for my CEO Days. And if you head to my website, I’m going to give you a free, fillable workbook that gives you access to the questions I ask myself during strategic planning. Visit vimandvigor.biz/ceoday to download your copy. You will NOT want to miss this!

I put my CEO Day on the schedule

If I can, I take an entire weekend to do my strategic planning, but I take the week before to prep.

Reschedule and block, if you use more than one calendar, add your day to your calendar. Don’t forget scheduling software like Calendly.

Communicate it – I let everyone know from employees to family

Go off site if you need to – I love heading to my favorite spots


The First Thing I Look at is Budget

I gather all the receipts and enter them into the spreadsheet. If you have bookkeeping software that is tracking this for you, you’ll want to compare your credit card and bank statements to the spending and make sure you have the receipts to back up your spending. If you are ever audited, you need to have those receipts.

Whether you tuck them away in an envelope in your planner or file them in a receipt folder in your email box –

Even if you have a bookkeeper doing 99% of this for you, then you’ll want to make sure you are looking at a report or balance sheet to make sure.

Your budget review is not just a balancing exercise.

I want you to look at where your money is going and whether you can cut the costs.

When I do that, I keep on track of those items I’ve purchased two years ago that sneak up on me with an annual automatic renewal.

Side bar soap box: If you ever come across an upsell that gives you a significant savings for joining annually I want you to STOP and consider where that money is coming from in your budget and exactly which strategic objective this new investment will affect. If this new investment you’re considering is NOT going to help eliminate a loss, fix something that is broken, or increase the revenue in your current or currently planned services, then take a deep breath and think a little more about it.

I know! You only have this one chance to save hundreds of dollars! Yep, scare tactics work, that’s why you see sales pages that often look like they came from fun house. Everything about the font, the designs, the blinking words, the colors are designed to psych you into acting NOW.

Trust me, if the value is there and it is directly tied to making you the kind of profits they promise to deliver, you’ll have no problem paying full price when the time comes that you are truly ready.

There’s nothing wrong with offering discounts, conducting flash sales, or using a countdown timer to offer something special. But when it comes to what you purchase, I just want you to be sure it is tied to a strategy, a loss, or an initiative, especially if you have not budgeted for it and you have to trade off another purchase or take on another client in order to do so.

Next, I look at my Significant Seven

My CEO Day always includes a review of my Significant Seven. I choose seven people that I want to get to know better, follow a little more intentionally, or learn from in a large and significant way – those women I think I might become clients of someday.

Then I stalk their social media, sign up for their email lists, and scour their websites. I try to make deeper and more meaningful connections with them, and the folks who follow them. I see what topics are mentioned the most by doing a key word search or looking at the group’s topic guide.

Then I put it all together and think about my ideal client Sophie.  How could Sophie benefit from some of this great material? I list at least ten pain points, wins, and opportunities, and then I create a podcast schedule around it.

Then I Look at my Processes

I review my opt-ins and my welcome sequences and ask myself if they are still relevant or if they need refreshing. With all that I’ve learned in the previous quarter, what can I do to add value to my current services and freebies?

Before I Wrap my CEO Day Up…

I look at five other operational categories and ask myself the questions I need to ensure everything about my business is in tip top shape. Of course, if you are my client, we get to dig into all those delicious items together.

Finally, I Put it All on the Schedule

I am a checklister! And all my hard work gets prioritized and documented on a Trello board. The schedule for my podcast, newsletters, and guest spots go into an excel spreadsheet and my handy, dandy Clever Fox weekly planner helps me meet my goals with a realistic schedule. I mean, how many times have we planned to do fifty things, squeezing it all in here and there, only to accomplish half? My weekly planner is a life saver and I don’t know what I’d do without it!

So, does a CEO Day (or days!) feel like something that would benefit you? I’ve got just the thing to get you started.

Take These Next Steps

The CEO Strategic Planning Workbook is a FREE, fillable workbook, designed to help you successfully execute on your objectives. Check out vimandvigor.biz/ceoday to download your free copy today!

Because if you do, you’ll join thousands of other CEOs who earn at least 12% more because they execute their strategic plans.

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I’m so glad you are here with me and hope you join me on the next episode of THE ONE BURNING QUESTION. Until next time, I’m Kass Fogle, and I’m here for you!

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