29 How Does a Quarterly Review Support Your CEO Day?

FAST Track LogoIs it Time for Your Quarterly Review?

The quarterly review is the perfect jump start to preparing for your CEO Day.

So, way back in episodes 14 – 19, we talked about all the strategic elements you need to Build a strong foundation for your business. Foundation is the F in my FAST Track Program. The S is for Strategy and in those episodes I cover both in some pretty sweet detail. If you’re thinking of building out a quarterly plan, check out those episodes, I promise they will give you a great head start in your planning.

You can also download my FREE CEO Day Planning Checklist. Building out your strategic plan takes time and focus, but it goes so much more smoothly if you do some pre-work ahead of time. This checklist outlines everything you need to make the most of your CEO Day.

And, of course, if you want help with that CEO Day, don’t hesitate to reach out for a One on One Power Hour session to get you started OR if you want to build your entire plan together, check out the VIP Intensive Day. Check out the Work With Me page on my website at vimandvigor.biz and of course that like will be in my show notes.

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So let’s review a few items to consider in your quarterly review. There are so many places to start and it can get overwhelming VERY quickly. There are good arguments for starting in a variety of different places but I like to start with financials.

My LEAST favorite, of course.

Why start with financials? Because I like to look at where I’ve invested and whether I’ve taken advantage of that investment, and if so, how it has helped move my revenue or reach.

This lets me know whether I’m investing in building the right capabilities or chasing shiny objects.

Your CEO Day Planning Starts with KPI’s

KPI’s and metrics are essential to your business and choosing the right ones to focus on in the beginning is super important because KPI reviews are a long term strategy. If you’d like to learn more about the difference between KPI’s and metrics, check out episode 12. There’s a link there for an AWESOME infographic designed by Kelsy Schmidt. I’ll be sure and drop that link in this episode’s show notes as well. https://www.innowik.com/opt-in

The easy part is clerical. Visit your pages, profiles, and bookkeeping spreadsheets and enter the data.

I track social media in terms of followers but also track engagement in terms of website and subscriber conversions.  From there, I make notes of where I might need to make adjustments in my efforts during my CEO planning day. A close eye is kept on my KPI’s which track my more long-term goals. I try not to make radical changes with KPI’s but view them instead for long-term trending.

Your metrics should track data points that match the efforts you are taking to meet your objectives. For example, if you decided that blogging and guest blogging were the efforts that would help drive your conversion rate, then you would compare your actual numbers to the targeted numbers you set at the beginning of the quarter, and make adjustments as necessary.

Do a Financial Review

Money TreeDid you give yourself a profit? Have you paid yourself first? Were the appropriate taxes held back? These are good questions to start with.

Your financial review can include clerical items, whether you do them yourself or delegate them like matching receipts to spending. I put everything on my credit card. EVERYTHING. This makes it super easy to track my expenses against the receipts. Even though I have someone reviewing this for me, I never simply dump this in their lap. Keeping my business organized helps ensure I remain clear on my spending and that I don’t waste time tracking down the minutiae.

During my financial review, I also take a look at my contracts, service agreements, terms & conditions, invoice reconciliation, receipt tracking, and make any quarterly tax payments.

This is also a good time to check in with your bookkeeper or accountant so they can provide you with a review and report of your income statements, profit & loss statements, and your balance sheet. If you don’t have professional services reviewing this for you, make sure you use these bookkeeping practices for yourself.

Product and Services Review

Understand what products and services are showing up well. Which opt ins have the highest landing rate but also the highest bounce rate? This might mean you need to change your landing page a bit. Which products show up in the abandoned cart most often?

And while customer experience is super important, I don’t want you to forget about yourself. Are there products you offer that you dread making? Are there services you perform that don’t bring you joy anymore? Is it confusing, mundane, or overly administrative?  Before you ditch it completely, consider whether a change or improvement would make a huge difference.

Personal and Team Growth is Critical for a Successful CEO Day

Many of us are solopreneuers as we navigate the murky waters of pursuing our passion during our 9 to 5. Most of the time, we find ourselves wolfing down a sandwich in ten minutes while we scroll social media instead of taking advantage of 30-45 minutes eating a relaxing lunch and focusing on our side hustle work.

This habit increases the risk of shiny object syndrome. This derails more entrepreneurs starting out than I’d like to see.

I want you to do a favor for me, before you sign up for another freebie download, another email list, and another free workshop, write down a sentence framing how the objectives of the freebie will move the dial on one of your metrics or KPIs. OR, if you cannot make a clear correlation to a current or future project, please move on.

I promise you, we will all be here with the tools and services you need when you need them.

Determine what is noise, what is useful and what might be useful in the future and clean house.

The other day, I gave myself an hour to go through my inbox and find all the good stuff I signed up for. I copied and pasted the links into the Learning Card on my Trello board and scheduled learning to complete those I need in my immediate future. I’d forgotten I’d even signed up for many of them! But I stayed on their lists because they were providing high value information that I needed to improve my metrics.


The last thing I really want to discuss is operations – the back side of your business. The thing I will geek out on forever and ever.

When I review the operations from the previous quarter, I have to stop and ask myself, what didn’t work? What mistakes did I make that I should not repeat? Are there processes that felt clunky? Is anything unfinished because it was confusing, boring, not value-added? What am I going to do with those things? Will I revise them, sunset them, or put them in a parking lot for another time?

This is what I created my FAST Track service for – to help you nail the operations and strategic planning side of your business. Head to the website and book that call so I can help you with some quick wins as well as discuss how I might be able to best help you. Head on over to vimandvigor.biz

Can I ask one last favor? If you enjoy this podcast, will you consider an honest rating and review? And if you take a screenshot and email it to me at info@vimandvigor.biz, I’ll give you a discount on your choice of service.

I’m so glad you’re here! Until next time, I’m here for you!

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