26 What’s the Difference Between a Coach and a Consultant?

This week’s one Burning Question Microcast is, What is the difference between a coach and a consultant?

There are tons and tons of blogs and articles on this so why address this on the podcast?

blue question markBecause people continue to ask the question.

I want to give you as clear an answer as possible then suggest some ways you can use them based on different needs you may have in your business.



A coach will lead you to discover the answer where a consultant will point you to the solution.

A coach is helpful when you’re stuck in your business, but not sure where.

A consultant will provide a solution once a specific problem is identified.

A coach is your mentor, using their expertise to walk alongside you, providing you the tools and asking questions that trigger creative and critical thinking so you can process the issue and arrive at the solution.

A consultant is going to dig deep to personally understand your issue. They will explore the context, past practices, barriers, and then hand you the tool or resources that will resolve your issue.

A coach is going to encourage you in ways you would not understand or try on your own.

A consultant will tell you which ‘way’ is best for your business.

All the Things

You’ve been plugging away at all the things. You’ve got a strategy, a logo, a great website and you’ve been posting on social media for quite a while. You’ve taken tons of free webinars and paid for a few others, but you’re not getting the conversion to sales that you need.

A coach is going to take time to discover about you and your business. They will listen to your challenges and introduce you to tools, strategies, mindsets, and other resources that will help you get unstuck. Part of their fee structure probably includes monthly meetings that end with action items, reading or video resources, and encouragement. They’ll provide a partial month check-in to keep you accountable and reset each month to keep you moving forward.

A consultant will drive hard and deep to find out exactly where you are getting stuck. They will use investigation-like skills to 7-Step their way to identifying your root cause. Once the problem statement has been formulated, they will give you THE tool you need to get unstuck.

stairsSpecialty Needs

You’re plugging along and decide it’s time to take new step. Let’s say you want to add a course to your current service offerings. Or perhaps you want to add a person to your team. Before you dive in, you want to think about whether you need a coach or a consultant.

A Coach is going is going to guide you through the course building process. And because they’ve studied a multitude of approaches, they will narrow the field and introduce you to two or three options that will best suit your business, audience, and topic. As part of their service offerings, they may check in and provide support during your course building process, offering accountability and encouragement.

A consultant is going to offer you a course building solution and build out a schedule, sign you up for the tools, wind you up and let you go.

The Magic Combo

Many coaches and consultants are doing both: They will listen to you with the heart of a coach, but will point you to one solution with the mind of a consultant, usually one they are intimately familiar with or developed themselves.

Often, they will advise, solve, encourage, fix, clarify, build, assist, pull, push, instruct, guide, lead, and manage, all based on your needs.

What I Do

At Vim and Vigor, I do both. I offer a solution to the problem lacking operational foundations in small businesses. I do it in two ways: One on One Strategy Building sessions, which is a hybrid of coaching and consulting.

I also offer the FAST Track Mastermind, which combines group strategy sessions and group coaching calls with individual coaching and consulting.

Since the FAST Track Mastermind focuses on the Strategic Mapping model, I am consulting and providing expertise to entrepreneurs building out the operations in their business. The group and individual calls provide group coaching opportunities.

The next FAST Track Mastermind starts in June. The application process opens at the end of April but if you want to get on the waiting list so you get first application dibs, visit the website at vimandvigor.biz/mastermind.

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