18 What Should I Leave Behind in 2020 and Take into 2021?

Learn From My Mistakes and Wins

Each year brings its challenges and blessings and 2020 was no different. As with each end and new beginning, I can’t help but look back to analyze what I’ll leave in the past and what I’ll take with me to the future. Today, I hope you learn from my mistakes and wins.

reflection globeWhy am I even reflecting?

What good is it you ask? Let’s just say that I’m adding this section after I outlined the rest of this episode. In taking 30 minutes to reflect on what sincerely brought joy to me and what stuck in my craw. As I thought through each one, it was like tiny little affirmations which help bring about a heightened level of self-awareness. And I’m a firm believer they more self-aware we are, and the more we connect ourselves to our values and principles through these life and business lessons, the more informed decisions we’ll make, the better we’ll be able to think on our feet and the more discerning we can be in our business.

I thought I’d share a few of those lessons with you to encourage you to take a look at your own mistakes and wins.


Here’s what I’ll leave behind :


In 2021, I will not let one customer, one client, one mistake, or one error take away from who I am, or what my values are.  Someone was repulsed by what I said? GOOD – they were not my people – my ideal audience – or ideal reader.  I will not change messaging strategy or second guess myself based on one interaction. I WILL be loyal to my mission and my values. I will know WHO I am and BE that to the nth degree. I WILL forget all these other fools who inserted themselves into my life for ONE moment and decided to use that moment for foolishness.  Remember: WE get to decide who gets our attention and energy.



Because I’m a super high D, red, Assertive personality type, I’ve been given feedback my entire life to tone the independent down, to take the aggressiveness down a notch, etc. etc. And in doing so, especially in the last year, I’ve allowed others who believe strongly about something and verbalize their opinions as fact so strongly that I feel I have no choice but to agree with them. In 2021, I am so leaving that behind. The difference between positional authority and holistic authority will be much more clear for me as I maneuver through my office-based 9:00 to 5:00, and the online entrepreneur space. I will not ignore my own opinions and strength simply because someone else chooses to verbalize their truth differently than I would.


What I’ll Take With Me

Diverse friendsFriends with Contrasting Values

Having a good, solid set of values and guiding principle statements is essential to any CEO. I use those values to help me determine who I want in my ‘biz bestie’ or colleague space, which clients I want to work with and those I don’t, and I will respond in a variety of situations. But toward the end of 2020, it became clearer to me that I don’t want to simply work with people who have the same values as me, but I am also looking for people who might have contrasting values.

That’s not to say, I only want clients who’s values are opposite mine. Quite the contrary, I want someone who will challenge me to grow because they come from a different value perspective.

Think of a color wheel. Colors opposite each other are considered Complementary. Here are the color sets to my primary branding color:

Teal and Wine complementary colors

While I won’t act outside of my own value set, it will be more and more important for me to explore perspectives that aren’t ‘monochromatic’ to my own. If I only look for opinions, feedback, and resources are exactly parallel to my own, my perspective will only be monochromatic and I’ll likely not see anything other than a different shade of blue.

monochromatic blue

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have to live and breath in conflicting values, but I’m confident my own faith and personal growth will not deepen and stretch and strengthen if I never see a different shade other than blue.

Post It Notes

About this time last year I started looking for something new and different. I had been thinking of  leaving my Introverted Believer platform and after making it to the “final round,” so to speak with a traditional publisher but rejected in the end, I decided it was time to do something different. After some careful research and some 1:1 time with Esther Littlefield, I was able to clear my mind of the junk. Pat Flynn’s Smart from Scratch program opened worlds to me I thought were obvious and through a circle of all these influencers, found Natalie Gingrich’s program, Director of Operations.

It was through these three influencers that I found once again what appeals to my innate abilities – strategic planning, especially when it comes to entrepreneurs starting out.

I love planning, organizing, processes, structure, journals, paper and electronic planners, Excel spreadsheets, Gantt charts, and post it notes. I’ve found a process for quarterly strategic planning that I absolutely loved and has not failed me yet. I will definitely be taking it into 2021.

I’d love to show you how to get started strategically planning your business. Please visit my website at vimandvigor.biz

I pray and wish that 2021 is all you want and plan for it to be.

Until next week, I’m here for you! Thanks for being here for my mistakes and wins.

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