16 What is Strategic Planning? Part 2

What is Strategic Planning? Part 2

Last week we continued the strategic planning series. We started with Mission, Vision, and Values which are the absolute foundation of your business and we continued last week discussing KPIs, Financial Review and Product Development.

Today, I’m going to give you a bit of insight into what I use for Visibility, Operations, and Team Growth.

But first, if you’re wondering how to set this all up in your business, I’m here to help. Visit my website at vimandvigor.biz and book a call to get started. I’m here for you.

Visibility, Operations, Team GrowthStrategic Planning Focuses on Your Visibility

Before you can even begin to think about Visibility in your business, you HAVE to know who your ideal client is. Don’t get into the trap of thinking you can throw your goodness out into the world and that it will be so awesome that the population will naturally split itself into people who need your products and services and people who don’t.

Please listen to episode 6 where I explain how to get started identifying your ideal client. The link will be in the show notes.  (See Episode 6)

Now, I want you think about visibility in terms of your business and yourself as the CEO. Visibility is not limited to marketing your company, it also includes how you personally, as the CEO is showing up.

Let me ask you: what’s your stealth look like?

In other words, what do the things no one cares about until you do it poorly, look like? I’m talking about your brand.

Your clients are not impressed with your brand, but potential clients will be turned off by a poorly designed brand.

Be honest with yourself – Is all your branding sharp and consistent? Do you have a color and font palette? Do you have professional headshots? Have you chosen one, maybe two easily readable fonts and have ONE stand out font?

People might give a fleeting thought to a great looking website or social media plan, but when they come across a poorly designed one, it remains memorable.

Look at your competitor’s sites. How do they look in comparison? What do they have in common and are you replicating it? Are you putting out the same vibe in your social media as you are on your website as you are in your newsletter? Show up consistently.

Are the images you use diverse but reflect your target audience? Also, now is the time to think not just about who your target audience is but what they are doing. For example, as of this episode in December 2020, next quarter includes spring break planning. Will your target audience be putting in extra hours at work, planning a remote getaway, volunteering, or not giving spring break a remote thought?

Now think of three or four ways you can show up to help them with whatever they’ll be doing over spring break. Will you create a freebie for your current audience or generate a new opt-in to generate other business? How about a social media content series where you release three new ways to help them over a week?

Remember, this is quarterly planning, so you’re going to take a look at events that happen throughout the quarter. And if I’m honest, you need to take a peek at the quarter after that. Depending on the holiday or event, you might need to start appealing to your audience weeks or even months prior. Christmas is a classic example.

Now, Let’s Talk Operations

Oh visionaries, this is the one you love to leave isn’t it? This is all the back office stuff you do NOT want to deal with. Standard Operating Procedures, processes, work flows, funnels – the list goes on and on.

What is it you want to accomplish in the next quarter, or two quarters? Do you have the skills to get there or will some learning need to take place? How does that fit into your budget? Once you learn how to do the thing, will you write some shorthand procedures for your self so you don’t have to relearn how to record, save, download, upload then save again the video you need to create a course? Let’s say your course is wildly successful and now you get to hire a VA. With procedures in hand, you get to pass along your knowledge AND get the task done the way you need it done.

When I review the operations from the previous quarter, I have to stop and ask myself, what didn’t work? What mistakes did I make that I should not repeat? What felt klunky and what have I left unfinished because it was confusing, boring, not value-added? What am I going to do with those things? Will I revise them, sunset them, or put them in a parking lot for another time?

A strategic review of your business’s operations also means reviewing the tools you use to get the job done. How long have you been using those tools and when was the last time they did an update? Do they always add new features or is it feeling a little stale? Are there other programs out there that do the same thing less expensively?

One last operational thing to think about, at least in this short episode, is your process for Strategic Planning. Yes! You should have a process for how you prepare for your strategic planning day. It’s great that you want to set aside a few hours a day, or even a weekend, but don’t sit down with a blank sheet.

There’s so much work to do to prepare for your CEO time and I’ve developed a pre-work checklist to help get you started. Check out the resource guide on my strategic planning page at vimandvigor.biz – and of course, I’ll put the link in the show notes.

Team Growth

Team Growth is divided two ways: scaling and team development. I go into depth about whether you’re ready to start growing your team and how in episode 4, so be sure and head back to that episode.

As far as your team development goes, think about the skills you’ll need your team to have in the next quarter or so, and figure out if it’s in the budget to get them the training they’ll need. Or challenge them to find a similar course at a different price point. Think about technical skills, behaviors, mindsets, and other attributes that are essential to the business.

Take stock in how vested your employees are in your mission. Do they reflect your values in what they do? Do you need a cascading messaging campaign to ensure they’re clear on your mission, vision, and values?

Are you meeting with your employees 1:1 and are they benefitting you, the employee and the business or are you simply “catching up?”

Are you asking your employees what they need? Do they have the right tools and resources to get their jobs done with ease?

Do you have a backup plan in place in case one of them leaves suddenly? Have you given your team or a member of your team the development they need to take over the business for a week or a month if something happens to you?

I have just what you need to get started. The Training Cheat Sheet walks you through whether you need an SOP, a Training Module, a One Point Lesson, or a work instruction – all designed to help your team grow. Visit TRAINING DOCUMENTS to sign up for your training starter cheat sheet.

We’ll continue the Strategic Planning journey next week. Until then… There’s still time to join the waitlist for my new mini-course: Ditch the Buzzwords, Craft Foundational Mission, Vision, and Values that Transform Your Business. If you sign up for the waitlist, you’ll get a sweet discount.  Sign up today: https://kassfogle.com/mvv/

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