What Should I do for my Employees this Holiday Season?

This is a short one. Maybe because the answer for me is so very simple. The question? What, if anything, should I do for my employees for Christmas or for the Holidays?

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This question was posed in an online leadership group I belong to and I was amazed at responses. I’m going to paraphrase a few:

  • No way, ignore the scenery around you and pretend the holidays don’t exist because it’s not your responsibility to spread holiday cheer.
  • I wouldn’t send Christmas Cards because you might offend someone and Christmas has nothing to do with the workplace. Sending holiday cards or recognizing the holidays in any way should be against your diversity and inclusion plan. Sorry, I have to stop right here…is anyone else exclusion violates their diversity and inclusion plan?
  • Absolutely, it is Christmas after all, why not send a card or purchase a small gift?
  • Maybe don’t call in a Christmas Card or party or gift, but replace it with Holiday, and you’re good. And finally,
  • It’s 2020, break all the rules. If you want to send a card or a gift, then you do you.


Opinions abound so, I’m pretty honored that you would come to my doorstep to seek guidance about what to do this season.

And I’m going to break it down into two short answers:

First, Honor Your Mission and Your Values

This is YOUR company and you’re attracting and retaining the employees who most closely match your values. So, what do your values say you should do? Are you going to be led by the fear of reaction or will you embrace your values, make a holiday decision accordingly, and let the chips fall where they may? If someone leaves because you did or did not send a holiday card, have a holiday party or pay out a holiday bonus, then they aren’t the whole package you need in your business anyway, right?

Decisions about the holidays or how you respond to pandemics are only two of the hundreds of ways you will refer back to your mission, vision, and values. If these aren’t rock solid and you don’t fully embrace them, communicate them, or integrate them into your business, then I invite you to take my mini-course, Kill the Buzzwords and Build the Foundation: Craft your Mission, Vision, and Values in this step-by-step mini course. Get on the waitlist AND grab your discount, only for subscribers. Visit vimandvigor.biz/mvv.

,,,Second, Ask Yourself Why You Wouldn’t

People need hope and joy now more than they have in a long time. They’re looking for new traditions to begin and refining family recipes to share at the holidays. Good grief, people were even putting up their Christmas Trees before they bought their first Pumpkin Spice latte. People are craving the happiness and joy the holiday-Christmas season brings. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?

Yes, 2020 has brought unprecedented changes in one’s patience, tolerance, determination, and ability trust. Not to mention we’re coming off one of the messiest election years in history. 2020 is indeed the Year of the Toilet. People need hope. They need to believe in their fellow humans again.

As an employer of one or tens of thousands, you have a mighty opportunity to make this year’s holidays different. Stand out. Make a difference.

I created the Employer Holiday Gift Guide as a resource for you. There’s party ideas, gift ideas, and tips to make this year special without hassle, stress, or extravagant expenses. Visit vimandvigor.biz/holidayguide to grab your copy today.

That’s it for this week and with that I say, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I wish you all the best in everything you do.

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