Episode 0: Intro to The One Burning Question Microcast

Introducing the ONE BURNING QUESTION ,micro,cast!

You’re busy. As an established small business owner, you’ve been doing so much on your own and now it’s time to scale back what you’re doing on your own. It’s time to get repeatable processes documented to make training easier and it’s time to start planning a little more strategically to ensure you you are laser focused on increasing your revenue.

The ONE BURNING QUESTION podcast is actually a microcast, where I get laser focused on answering your one burning question about anything going on in your small business in fifteen minutes or less. Whether you’re curious about more visibility for your business, have a serious employee relations question, or want to hear what other small business owners struggle with, then you’re in the right place. I’m your host and small business confidant, Kass Fogle, CEO of Vim & Vigor Business Operations Consulting. (Click the image to listen)

This microcast is the love and brainchild of my twenty+ years in Human Resources as well as an entrepreneur in my own business, Vim and Vigor Business Operations Consulting. It also has a lot to do with the fact that I am a very Introverted small business owner – small talk is not my thing – I’d rather get to know you and have meaningful conversation about what YOU need in your business.

I am a do-er. I’m a “let’s get stuff done” kind of person. A fact finding, red, ISTJ. High D, whose best friends are the tools, processes and systems that make a business tick behind the scenes. This microcast is dedicated to answering questions you’ve submitted with as much clarity and focus as I can muster.

I also chose this format because I know that despite my answers, you’re going to find a way that works best for YOU. WONDERFUL! I could spend an hour in excruciating detail providing you every nugget you need, but my experience tells me that every situation is vastly different, and you’re likely to take the nuggets you need and leave behind the ones you don’t. So, I’m giving you the framework, information, structure, procedure, and bullet points as answers so that you can apply it specifically to your situation and unique nuances.

And while I’ll mostly cover those one burning questions you submit, some microcasts may introduce you to new tools and resources I come across that blow me away.

Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way

I am not a lawyer; I’m a Human Resources and Operations professional. My answer is obviously ONE way to approach the question. YOU, as an intelligent and emotionally mature professional, must decide what is best for your business within the context and culture of the situation. Through this microcast, we have a mutual agreement to assume positive intent with each other.

Whether you’re sitting at home rocking that online business, or you’re a small business expert-preneur running a hair salon, maintenance shop, plumbing business, engineering firm, boutique, literary agency, or business, I hope you’ll continue to join me as I answer questions about everything from mission statements, hiring, firing, strategic planning, to the tools, processes and systems you need to grow, thrive, and scale your business, one microcast at a time.

I realize, however that many of you are visionaries – you’re business owners – I get it – you have the big ideas and hate messing around with pesky details like tools & processes. Some of you even hate strategic planning – that’s why I’m here to help. I want to give you those answers in bite sized pieces so you can work on them when the time is right for you. And when that time is right, and you still don’t feel dealing with those pesky details, then you get to hire me as your Director of Operations. Just give me a call.

Vim & Vigor Business Operations Consultants partners with established, solo- and expert-preneurs like those I mentioned earlier, who are committed to standardizing the operations side of their business and driven by confidence to be shown how. Through strategic mapping, project planning, and world-class hiring, we identify the goals, objectives, and tasks necessary to increase revenue, promote growth, create efficiencies, and improve visibility, so they can focus on the creative, technical, and visionary side of their business.

Thank you for listening to this introductory episode of the ONE BURNING QUESTION microcast. Please join me in our private Facebook group Small Business Confidants where we come together to join, share, plan, create, and give.

So, what’s YOUR One Burning Question? Visit Vimandvigor.biz/oneburningquestionform and it just might get on a future episode.

I value your time and I’m so very grateful you spent a portion of it with me. If you think you might be ready to walk through strategically mapping your business so you can increase your visibility, reduce your stress, hire better, and grow a bigger vision, then let’s talk. Don’t wait any longer to schedule a free call to see if Vim & Vigor is the right plan for your business. If you’re not sure where to begin, my website has a short quiz just for you. It all starts by visiting my website at ,vimandvigor.biz

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