Episode 4: Can I Hire Someone to Do It All?

“I can do the marketing, invoicing, shipping, product development, sales, website, social media… but what would give me the most help and be most cost effective?”

“I just need a boss.”

“I need someone to mother me.”

That’s right, you want to hire someone because you blinked and suddenly you went from running a business and earning a nice living to Holy Crap – my head is swimming.

You know it’s time to hire, or at least you think you do, but now you’re asking yourself,

“Who do I hire? I need it all!”

This episode’s one burning question comes from Jen McRae. Jen owns McRae Designs…You can listen to it by clicking on the picture or enjoy reading the show notes below.

I love Jen’s question. Like her, you might be thinking, “I need the best bang for my buck. I can spend the late nights, I can do the website development, I’ve got the basic accounting down, the sourcing, and all the back-office stuff, but it’s time to let something go. I just don’t know what and not sure if now is the right time.”

Jen, I’ve got you covered. Team growth is one of the strategic objectives that I work with clients on and it can be one of the hardest, because even though you think you’re ready to let go, you have to ask yourself, are you really ready to let go?

Today, I’m going to give you six questions to ask yourself to help you decide if you’re ready to hire and who you should hire once you’re ready.

Okay, let’s get started.

,,,The First Question You Need to Ask is What is your hiring goal?

Why do you need someone? Are you overwhelmed? Are you missing out on big opportunities because you don’t have the skill or network to reach the right people? Are you losing money but not sure why? Are you doing great, but want to branch out into a different market or develop a new product?

So many people skip this step because the thought of hiring someone only adds to the overwhelm. You wanna know what happens? They think, “I’ll just hire someone with some office management skills who has a decent website and they can worry about these details.

Then they hear about the fascinating and brilliant world of virtual assistants and they put out a blanket Facebook post that reads something like, “Hey, hiring someone part time to help me in my new business, taking recommendations.”

And the post is flooded with, “I can help you,” and they pick one have a brief conversation and start working together. The next few weeks are spent in confusion over roles and responsibilities and maybe even value differences.

As my mentor, Natalie Gingrich said, “Desperate People hire desperate people.”

You have to know what your goal for hiring is before you begin. Your expectations have to be set and remember episode 1 where I talk about training, yeah, if you don’t have any work instructions outlined, then you are not ready to hire.

,,#2 What are your KPI’s and metrics telling you?

You have KPI’s and metrics right? If not, I think I hear a microcast episode coming on. Those numbers that measure the goals you’ve set for yourself in your strategic plan (you do have a strategic plan, right?) – they measure your revenue goals, your social media outreach goals, your profit margin, website views, downloads, email list, sales, sales growth, and so on.

Review these, chart them, graph them and then ask yourself where you are NOT reaching your goals month after month? This might be an indicator for where you need the most help.

,,#3 What do you like doing the least?

Seriously, I’m going to hand financial anything to my accountant. Period. I like selling the least as well. I’ve never been a good sales person for girl scout cookies or upselling toppings when I worked at the pizza joint.

What and who do you avoid? What brings you the least satisfaction? What annoys you, irritates you and takes much more emotional energy than it should? What task is you perform that when you see your family, they say, “oh…you must have been doing such and such tonight.” Yeah, think about letting that go.

These are tasks you could give to someone else because harboring intense negativity over the small stuff will not bode well for you over time.

,,#4 What takes you longer than it should?

Maybe the better question is what do you procrastinate on more than anything else? I think I procrastinate scheduling social media more than I do anything else. Creating images and content for each and every post for social media takes so much longer than it should. It is honestly the ting I am contemplating hiring out right now. Because for some reason, I can’t just take a template in Canva, then plug and play – I have to play around with it and squirrel into ten different directions. It takes longer than it should.

You can find out what takes longer than it should by doing a time study. For all my fellow geeks out there, you know you can color code these, rank them, categorize them, etc. right?

Compare notes with others in social business groups, whether online or in person. You may be surprised that someone is using a tool that takes them half the time to do the same task.

,,#5 What can someone else do better?

What’s not in your area of expertise? Or, what do you downright suck at? Ask other people – You might think, “I create some pretty good pins for Pinterest that have brought people to my website.” But have you ever seen professional pinner pins? Have you ever taken a course in design? Trust me, there is always someone who can do it better. So ask yourself what three to four things you absolutely rock in your business and the rest is game for someone else to do. Bookkeeping and Accounting. I’ll hire that out all. Day. Long.

If you are really ready to hire but only have to ask yourself which position to start with, this is the question you want to focus on the most. Ranking is my favorite geek activity so of course I’m going to ask you to rank your tasks according to your proficiency. Then list how often you do them – daily, weekly, etc.. Now think about the impact. High, medium, or low impact to your reputation, profit margin, state of mind, etc. Now stand back and take a look at this.

What does your analysis tell you?

,,#6 What can you realistically afford?

You may find, after your evaluation, you need to hire a CFO, a full-time Virtual Assistant, and a marketing genius, but if all you can afford is an entry level VA for 5 hours a week, then you need to choose one thing from your list that will have the biggest impact on your hiring goal.

What you need may not always equal what you can afford. So, review your balance sheet or talk to your accountant to determine a reasonable price point.

If you’re not sure if you can afford someone long-term, start out with a revenue-generating project and work with them on a short-term project-basis. That way, you’ll earn some extra income but not commit to something long term.

If you’re just starting out and not bringing in revenue, or much of one, and you don’t have a course, or a book, or something that is going to bring it in soon, then you may not be ready to hire someone and should consider scaling back rather than springing forward.

Maybe you don’t need to be on all the social media all the time. Maybe you don’t need 20 images per blog post. Or instead of a social media manager, you just need someone to schedule the images and content you create. Even an hour saved per week can be a small blessing!

Here’s a bonus consideration: if your hiring is all about saving you time right now, where can you hire personally? Maybe you need to hire a babysitter for a couple of hours a week. Or a maid just to do bathrooms. Or someone to do your grocery shopping. There are nuggets of time out there at every price point, so I hope this episode helped you find a way to carve out what you need.

If you think you’re ready to hire but are not sure if you should start with an assistant or a creative designer, an engineer or a draftsman, a nail technician or an esthetician, a bookkeeper or an office manager, then I hope today’s episode will help guide you toward a solid decision.

Hiring an employee or independent contractor is NOT something you do out of desperation. Finding the right mix of experience, value matches, and results is 100% more important than just getting someone in and figuring it out later.

I’d love to talk to you about the new Hiring Services that I offer. I hire for established businesses who are ready to invest the time and energy it takes to find the highest caliber employee or independent contractor. Visit vimandvigor.biz/hiring for all the details

Of course, if you need more detailed and specific help, that’s why I’m here. Helping you create a hiring plan to find the right person is exactly what I do. Just visit vimandvigor.biz/consultingcall to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

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