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Tools & Resources Exchange

You're invited to participate in a freebie, lead magnet, podcast guest swap, or resource Exchange. Simply put, your resource is shared across my platform and my resource is shared across your platform.

Hey, I'm Kass

Whether we've met as part of the DOO program or I've purchased one of your products or services, we've got one very special thing in common: we're female entrepreneurs with similar audiences.

Rubbing shoulders with other driven and intelligent women is a privilege, and I'm pretty excited that we share this business space.

This page should answer many of your questions, but it's also important that I can answer any remaining questions you may have in person, so please feel free to schedule a quick call and we'll talk through what's on your mind.

Kass with Wine

How the Exchange Works

Once you've scheduled a date for our exchange, I will send you a link to my OneDrive that holds my Exchange Media Kit.

The exchange media kit contains:

  • A word document with suggested copy for sharing my lead magnet
  • Two Instagram images (also works with LinkedIn and Facebook), as a ready-to-post image.
  • One transparent image you can use in your own canva-type creation.
  • One headshot
  • The link to my lead magnet landing page

You can use all or one and the copy may be edited to your voice.

In return, you send me your resource link and any specific copy and images you would like for me to use.

Then, we exchange! I share your free resource with my audience (email list, social media, my podcast), and you share mine with yours. Simple!

To be clear, I am not receiving your audience's emails and you are not receiving mine. I would never engage in that activity or give away my client's emails - our audiences are only receiving our links, as referrals, and they may choose to sign up, or not.


There are no pixel codes or tracking devices - YOU will own your metrics and the success measurements of this strategy for your opt-in.

And voila! You've provided your clients with success strategies while providing empowerment to another woman entrepreneurs.

We share a similar audience, why not celebrate each other's contributions?

Your Next Steps:

Download the Workbook

Follow this link to download a copy of the workbook. I know you don't want to participate in the exchange unless you believe in it, and I'm building my list - it's a win-win! 

Sign Up for a Date

Use THIS LINK to schedule a date that works for you to participate in the exchange. The date listed is the deadline for sharing. You may share earlier if you like, but this scheduling helps me space out the sharing of the resources.   OR if you would rather be a guest on my podcast, THE ONE BURNING QUESTION, follow that link here.

Use the Media Kit

As soon as you sign up for a date, I will send you the link to the media kit that has everything you need to share my resource.

Share Your Resource With Me

Whether you send me a similar media kit to use or email me the information at info at vimandvigor dot biz, send me a link or pdf of your download and any images you want me to use.

Share and Grow!

I ask that you share my resource at least twice. I will share your resource with my email list, and on my Instagram and LinkedIn profiles. 

Ready to Get Started?

Your Opt-in, Resource, Lead Magnet, etc. is a great way to grow your email list or social following. When creating your copy, consider the following:

  • Give your resource a GREAT title. "Resource Guide" will not attract an audience.
  • Make it clear and concise. Think bullet points and one or two sentence paragraphs.
  • The copy should describe what value the resource is adding to the audience. Why can they not thrive without this resource? 
  • A fun call to action

Are you in?

Kass at computer

Still have questions?