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Hello! It's Kass and I'm so glad you're here.

I write cozy-chic Midwestern Fiction for clever readers.

My books are dotted with faith elements which makes sense because the characters are people of faith. But they make the kind of mistakes that don't always fit nicely into the category of Christian Fiction.

Karen drinks wine. Tara smokes. Heather almost cheats on her husband. Grandma Ruth was quite the hussie. Aunt Frankie lusted after a married man. The characters are imperfect, and they feel ALL the big feels.

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It's essential that I write from the perspective of imperfect humans on their journeys - some on a faith journey, some not - without the shame and guilt of constant stoning. They are on their own journey where only God can straighten their path.

Of course, each book is set somewhere in the Midwest and you'll find traditions, attitudes, and all the great food of the gorgeous Midwest.

My blog will introduce you to quaint coffee houses, hidden trails, shopping, treasured small businesses, day trips, and of course, wine trails all over south-central Illinois and the Midwest. Of course, feel free to write to me if you have a hidden treasure you'd like to share with other readers. My contact information is at the bottom of this page.

About Me

I've been married to the same fella for 24 years, and we raised two awesome kids, aged 22 and 20. My youngest just made me an empty nester!

I have two dogs - a LabBasset named Rosie and an Australian Shepherd/Dachshund named Petunia. I can't imagine life without them!

We live on about two acres in south-central Illinois, and I've always lived within 100 miles of this same small-ish town. Unless the kids move away, this is where we call home.

When I'm not writing, I'm a Human Resources Manager with 26 years of HR experience. I love it and know it is what I've always been meant to do.

Thanks for stopping by. You are always welcome here.

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