49 I’m Ready to Hire, Now What?

Hiring and Onboarding

If you want to know more about the right time to hire, go all the way back to episode 4. There, you’ll find the six questions you need to ask yourself to determine if YOU are ready to hire. In this episode, we’re talking about what steps you need to take once you’ve decided you…

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48 Are You Ready to Thrive in Your Business?

Time Management

You’ve got your foundation, you’re accountability structure is in place, you’ve nailed the strategy, now it’s time to enjoy the Thrive. This is it – the last week of your introduction to the F.A.S.T. Track Program! I’m so very glad you’re here! Let’s talk Time Management and Motivation. Thriving is about being able to set…

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47 How Can Strategy Reduce Stress and Increase Profit?

Building Strategy

How Can Strategy Reduce Stress and Increase Profit? If you’re just joining us for this episode about Strategy, you won’t want to miss the first two in my FAST Track Series. Go back to episode 45 to hear nuggets about building a strong foundation through Mission, Vision, and Value statements AND episode 46 about Accountability.…

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46 What Can Accountability Do For My Business?


What can accountability do for your business? It softens your bruised ego, helps you fight overwhelm, and feeds you a dose of humility. Accountability can come from yourself, your biz community, or your 1:1 coach. Read on or listen to this episode of THE ONE BURNING QUESTION. Remember the quote from last week – “A…

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