40 Game Changing Resources

Each quarter, I summarize the best tips, tools, and resources I found invaluable. This week on the podcast, I share a valuable sales perspective I learned from Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, a website audit that will have you thinking differently about…

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38 Can You Increase Profits Without Adding Clients? (pt. 1)

Woman with short hair looking at computer with text: The Tips You Need

How can you increase profits without adding clients? Psst…the short answer is to reduce or eliminate your Big Hairy Inefficiency. IF you’ve never mapped out your processes and workflows and you’ve been in business at least a year, you’re sitting on a potential gold mine. Quantifying how much money you’ll save by automating or systemizing…

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37 What Habits Do Effective CEO’s Have in Common?

5 Habits of Successful CEOs

I’ve scoured hundreds of social media posts, online articles and podcast episodes to bring you the 5 most common habits of successful CEO’s. Hopefully you’ve caught my latest episode on claiming a powerful CEO mindset because if you struggle with the idea of calling yourself a CEO in your business, simply because you’re not some…

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