32 How Do You Form a Problem Statement?

puppies in tug of war

Think you can fix a problem you haven’t defined yet?   The first step in the 7-Step Improvement Process is to form a clearly defined problem statement. Before we can present solutions to problems our clients think they have already figured out, we need to ask them eight simple questions to get to the heart of…

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30 Three Ideas for Validating Your Business


Don’t make the mistake of not validating your business, product or service idea. Getting your business started or launching a new idea in your business is HARD. Despite all our experience, we leave out crucial steps because we either don’t know any better or because we ‘already know it – we’ve been there, done that.’…

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Is it Time for a Quarterly Review?

Building out your strategic plan takes time and focus, but it goes so much more smoothly if you do some pre-work ahead of time. A quarterly review can outline everything you need to make the most of your CEO Day. I share some of the framework I use in…

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