28 Game Changing Resources

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Five Game Changing Resources Today’s ONE BURNING QUESTION is not a question at all BUT is super valuable, nonetheless. Find the best resources that made an impact on my business this past quarter. Listen to the episode here: This week marks the end of my quarter and I want to share the best tips, short-cuts,…

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27 Is it Time for a Break?

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Getting Unstuck: Is it Time for a BREAK!   Getting unstuck is so frustrating. I know what that’s like all too well. Having all the great things in place – the mission, vision, and values, the ideal client, the operational strategies – having it all in place, then sitting back and holding your breath that…

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25 Who is Your Less Than Ideal Client?

Hey, it’s Kass and I want to tell you about a FREE webinar I’m hosting. It’s called, “Say Hello to Your Ideal Client,” and it’s packed FULL of goodness about why you need to niche down. After taking my webinar, you’ll be more strategic in your messaging and feel a sense of pride because you’ve…

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