24 How to Survive Your Side Hustle

On the Porch with my day planner

24 How Do I Survive My Side Hustle? I moderated a Clubhouse room the other day specific to those with a side hustle and I wanted to share some of the key ideas from the conversation. There is an increasing pressure, particularly for those still going in to an office setting each day, to learn…

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23 Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

How do you know if you’re emotionally intelligent? Emotional Intelligence. Popular psychology tells us there are six basic emotions: sadness, fear, happiness, surprise, anger, and disgust. Emoticons and emojis tell us there are several hundred more, including my favorite emotion: taco. Emotions are the physical, snap reaction to a situation before the mind has had…

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22 What Course to Take Next?

Not sure which course you should take next in your professional development journey? Should you learn about Instagram Reels? Pinterest? How to build a funnel? Write a book? Find out on this episode of THE ONE BURNING QUESTION. Find Show Notes .

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