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As a Millennial business owner, you are uniquely designed to own and run a successful business. You want to bring your ideas to life and have full control over how you make your mark in the world.

Coaching With Kass

All of my programs are one-to-one. Your coaching session is YOURS. You will have my full attention and energy to focus on you and your business's needs.


Get it Built

Get it Going

Get it Going

Get it Growing

Get it Growing

Mission & vision statements, values, niches, and boundaries are not buzzwords in the industry. They are essential to building a solid foundation for a profitable business.

Map out a strategic plan that channels your mind AND your soul so you can reach and exceed your goals. Let's experience purpose and connection in how you influence and impact.

Scaling well means nurturing the growth process. From change management & hiring to leadership development and accountability, I've got you covered. Are you ready?

Sound like where you need to be?

Does it feel like everyone around you...

Wants to scale to 6-figures in 30 days? 

Attempts to manifest wealth without the work?

Is pouring thousands, or even tens of thousands of $$$ into coaching, then praying for a sliver of ROI?

OR, is offering mega-group coaching while at the same time promoting relationship building?

And You're Thinking Instead...

Of course I want  6-figures and more, but I'm more driven by collaborating with the right people.

I'm ready for a holistic approach that energetically matches my head, heart, and soul.

I'm just starting my business and while I'm willing to invest, $10K is not in my wheelhouse just yet.

I have a LOT of questions and I need the kind of support and accountability that 1:1 coaching provides.

May I say, you are exactly where you need to be at the exact time you were expected?

Here's How We Can Make a Difference Together

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Breakthrough CEO Day

When you need the expertise for problem-solving, have that one burning question, are feeling stuck, or simply need an accountability/clarity/sanity check, this is a great option.


You need a GET IT DONE day. Gain clarity on your mission, vision, and values, focus on your three- to six-month strategic plan, and tackle the projects, mindset, and personal energy you'll need to execute with confidence.

This is the personal coaching experience you've been looking for. We'll map out your strategic plan, dig deep into your brand, and set up an accountability system to help you achieve your goals. You'll walk away with a playbook for success!


Hello, I'm Kass, and I've Been Expecting You!

Each day, I pray for you, I visualize where you are and what you might be struggling with, and how I might be able to make it easier for you.


Because, in life and in business, I've been there before.


  • I've juggled the titles of breadwinner, executive, wife, mom, and friend.


  • I've exhausted myself hiding 'feminine energy' to 'be one of the guys' to be heard.


  • I've struggled to find my identity spiritually, religiously, and holistically, knowing only that I love Christ, but still searching for how and where to firmly plant my feet.


  • I've worked hard to put together an online business that made sense to ME, served a higher purpose, and used my God-given talents and strengths to serve others well.


I have spent time and money struggling through these issues so you don't have to.

I think it's high time Generation Xers take Millennials under their flannels and share all the goodness. There is NO need for you to do it alone.

Being a female entrepreneur is hard. Marriage is hard. Kids and careers are hard. And balancing it all while maintaining your faith? Come on!

So grab your glass of wine and your favorite flannel and let's get started.

It all starts with a phone call

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From powerful truths I couldn't write down fast enough to inspiring examples offered to trigger ideas, Kass helped me unearth the things that matter most to me so I can make a difference in my business and in those I work with. And she'll do the same for you.

Kari Bartkus, Love Does That

Ditch the Buzzwords is pact full of goodies. In one of the modules, it teaches you the principles of a mission statement. This alone made me really think about what impact I want to make with my business and how I want to do it. 
Taking this course helped me to really reshape my messaging. I would highly recommend any business owner to take this course -  you won't be disappointed. 
Latraila Tolbert, CEO Essential HER Solutions, LLC

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