Affirm Your Business Framework in one powerful CEO Day, or

Blossom from Coach to CEO with a energetic, soulful, personal coaching experience

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Experience Purpose and Connection in Your Execution

What if I told you that you can prioritize your activities, set realistic goals, build automated systems, conduct confident sales calls, deliver out-of-this-word client experiences, and more

all without losing who you are?

You are 65% more likely to accomplish all that with a business coach.


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Holding Sun

Before we move on to anything else, I want you to know...

It's okay to take moments for yourself.

You have permission to reassign your priorities.

Soul care is not a sin. Personal Growth does NOT have to be at the expense of serving others.

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Imagine what success will feel like when your heart and your head play in the same sandbox.


Embrace the relief that accountability can bring when it's delivered by a biz bestie.


Enjoy the renewed energy when your focus shifts from task mastering to strategic, purpose-building, because your God-given talents are making a difference. 

I invite you to explore the possibilities:

What is a CEO Day?

One to One

It's all about you and your business...

A CEO Day intensive is a six hour deep dive into your business operations. Our main goals are to identify your top two to three strategic objectives, then outline the projects, learnings, professional development, tools, and tasks you need to help you meet (and exceed!) those objectives.

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What is the Personal Coaching Experience?

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Embracing Mind, Body, and Soul...

You need an accountability partner. Your one-to-one experience harnesses the power of the four cornerstones of business: foundation building, choosing accountability partners that nurture and fuel you and your business, strategy planning that economizes your time and influences your clients, all while manifesting a thriving nature that gets to the heart of YOU. This is a three month commitment and designed for you to experience purpose and connection.

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Freedom from Doubts...

Strategy & Planning do NOT have to be at the expense of your feelings, intuition, or energy.

Aligning business strategies, setting up excellent client experiences, creating efficient work flows, and developing your team is not averse to the healing and soul-centering work you are creating for your self.

Allow me the honor of showing you how.

In fact, the more you understand your business operations, the less you are consumed by the constant disruptions and chaos that running a business can produce.

Thinking without feeling leads to inauthentic connection. Feeling without thinking may lack the substance necessary to build solid relationships.


What Happens Next?

Work Journal

Download the Coach to CEO WorkJournal

This Work Journal is not a quickie checklist or a top ten 'tips & tricks' list. It is designed to journey toward success.

Use this book to generate ideas building on the exact strategic elements I dive deep into with each of my clients.

And it's free...

Social Media

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Contemplate and Pray

You deserve to work with someone who can answer your burning questions and propel you into the future at the pace and with the energy you need and desire.

Take a walk with mother nature. Ask yourself hard questions. Pray for God's leading. Breathe. Listen. Then you'll be ready to schedule the call.


Form a Deeper Connection with Kass

When you schedule your complimentary thirty-minute call, you'll receive a short intake form that guides the conversation. It helps us determine if I will meet your needs, expectations, and budget.

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